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Brussels-President Joe Biden reaffirmed US commitment to NATO on Monday. Key members have declared it a crucial moment for the alliance plagued by President Donald Trump, who questioned the relevance of multilateral organizations.

Shortly after arriving at the Alliance’s headquarters for the President’s first NATO Summit, Biden sat down with NATO Secretary General Jason Stoltenberg, emphasizing US commitment to Article 5 of the Alliance Charter. Overall, a collective response is needed.

“Article 5 we take as a sacred duty,” Biden said. “I want NATO to know that America is there.”

When Trump called the alliance “obsolete” and complained that “global free-load” nations could reduce the cost of military defense at the expense of the United States, it was in sharp shape from the last four years. It was a change of.

Looking to the future, Stoltenberg focused on the myriad challenges that the alliance still faces.

At the beginning of the NATO joint session, Stoltenberg said, “We are meeting at a time of great importance to the alliance, intensifying geopolitical competition, regional instability, terrorism, cyber attacks and climate change.” Said. “No country or continent can address these challenges on its own, but Europe and North America are not the only ones.”

Biden, who came to Brussels after three days of discussions with the leaders of the Group of Seven in England, was warmly welcomed by fellow leaders with a little peace of mind.

Belgian Prime Minister Alexander de Crew said Biden’s presence “emphasizes the renewal of the transatlantic partnership.” De Crew said NATO’s allies are aiming to survive a four-year storm under the Trump administration and fight among its members.

“I think I’m ready to turn the page,” said De Crew.

Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi made a less subtle bargain on Trump while welcoming Biden.

“This summit is a continuation of yesterday’s G7 and is part of the process of reaffirming the basic US alliance that had been weakened by the previous administration,” he said. “Do you think President Biden’s first visit was to Europe and you’re trying to remember where President Trump’s first visit was?”

My first overseas visit as President Trump was a visit to Saudi Arabia.

Trump routinely denounces other NATO countries for not spending enough on defense, threatening to pull the United States away from the world’s largest security organization, and the mutual defense of the NATO Charter, the core belief of the alliance. I questioned the clause.

When members of the Alliance last met at the summit in Britain in December 2019, Trump grabbed the headline by calling Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau “double-sided” and French President Emmanuel Macron “troublesome.”

Trump blamed Trudeau after being caught by a hot microphone who was rumoring with other leaders about Trump turning his photography opportunity into a long press conference. Prior to the summit, Macron declared NATO “brain death” due to the lack of US leadership under Trump.

The White House said the communiqué, signed by alliance members at the end of the NATO summit, is expected to include wording about updating Article 5 to include major cyberattacks-with the U.S. government. Raising Concerns in A Series of Enterprise-Targeted Hackers Around the World by Russian-based hackers.

According to White House National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, the update will trigger a mutual defense clause to help alliance members need technical or intelligence support in response to a cyberattack. It is explained that you can receive.

According to the White House, the president has begun a Japan-China meeting with Baltic leaders on the eastern side of NATO and individual meetings with Polish and Romanian leaders, threatening Russia and in Belarus. Discussed recent aerial piracy.

Biden’s itinerary in Europe was shaped to meet first with G7 leaders and then with the NATO allies in Brussels before meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva on Wednesday. And at both summits, Biden sought to consult with his European allies on efforts to counter the provocative actions of China and Russia.

At the request of Biden, the G7 meeting ended with a communiqué calling for forced labor practices and other human rights abuses affecting Uighur Muslims and other ethnic minorities in the western Xinjiang Uighur Autonomous Region. The president refused to discuss the provisions in a private summit, but said he was “satisfied” with the communiqué, although there were differences in how powerful the allies would call Beijing.

The Chinese embassy said on Monday that the communiqué “intentionally slandered China and arbitrarily interfered with China’s internal affairs,” revealing “the ominous intentions of some countries, including the United States.”

Biden focuses on building closer ties between the United States and its allies, who were wary of U.S. leadership, after enduring Trump’s defamation and frequent attacks on NATO. Said.

He has already acknowledged that during the European tour, the alliance needs to secure a better share of the burden and needs more American leadership. He also said that “NATO was strengthened” after the attacks on the United States on September 11, 2001, emphasizing NATO’s contribution to the war in Afghanistan.

The United States and the Alliance have ended their involvement in the nearly 20-year war that killed tens of thousands of Afghanistan and more than 3,500 US and allied forces. The war also raised deep questions as to whether NATO’s efforts were worth it.

For now, NATO plans to leave private advisors to help build government agencies. It is unknown who will protect them. The alliance is also considering whether to train Afghan special forces abroad.

Biden will meet with Turkish President Erdogan later on Monday as a bystander to the summit.

Biden has known Erdogan for years, but their relationship is often controversial. Biden got angry with Turkish authorities after describing Erdogan as a “dictator” during the campaign. In April, Biden infuriated Ankara by declaring that the Ottoman genocide and the deportation of Armenians were “genocide.” This is a term that the President of the United States has avoided using.

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