Biden receives the vaccine “booster” as the confusion continues on the third dose.Joe Biden

At the White House on Monday Joe Biden He wore a black surgical mask, wrapped his shirt sleeves around his shoulders, and received a third dose of Pfizer Covid-19 vaccine as a “booster” shot.

The president received a public jab as a mess about who was eligible for such a shot and when it would last. The administration wanted booster shot recommendations and implementation to be a simple matter.

“To be clear, boosters are important,” Biden told reporters. “The most important thing we have to do is get more people vaccinated.”

“… We need to vaccinate people. Please do the right thing. Take a picture. It can save your life and the lives of those around you. “

Two panels of independent experts under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have separated the categories of Americans eligible for a third dose of Pfizer vaccine.

However, both agencies have approved boosters for far fewer Americans than Biden wanted.

People who have been vaccinated twice with Pfizer or Moderna are well protected from hospitalization and death. Booster shots may limit infection, but to what extent it is unknown.

Boosters are not expected to significantly change the trajectory of the pandemic. Vaccination of more new people can significantly change hospitalization and mortality rates.

In August, Biden told Americans that the general public was eligible for a booster dose of both two vaccines by September Well-known address “As a simple rule, don’t forget to get a booster shot eight months after the second shot,” he said.

However, the rules for boosters are not simple. FDA and CDC leaders agreed with Biden’s plans, but no independent panel was looking at the data to help guide the decisions of each institution.Experts when they did Was blown away significantly Those who they believe should be eligible for a third dose.

FDA Approves Booster Dose Pfizer vaccine inoculator 6 months after the second dose. However, only those aged 65 years or older, or 18-65 years old who are more likely to develop severe Covid-19 or are more likely to be exposed at work.

NS CDC said Who gets the “should” and who “may” booster shots. According to the guidance, caregivers aged 65 and over, 50-64 years with underlying health, or 18-65 years should “receive” a booster.

Young people at risk of exposure at work and in underlying health may “get” boosters.

People with weakened immunity should receive a third dose of Pfizer vaccine. The FDA and CDC recommended a third dose to this group with relatively low fanfare.

The FDA and CDC are expected to individually review evidence of booster doses for Moderna and Johnson & Johnson shots.

Biden received a third dose, suggesting that eligibility may increase in the future.

“Last week, they laid out those who are qualified for those boosters so far,” he said.

Biden reminded reporters that he was 78 years old and was eligible for a third dose. He also said that First Lady Jill Biden would receive an additional dose. She is 70 years old

“The most important thing we have to do is get more people vaccinated,” Biden said. number Americans can find a dealer nearby.

“More than 77% of adults get at least one shot,” he said. “Approximately 22% have not been shot, and their clear minority has caused enormous damage to other parts of the county.”

Mr Biden said he would travel to Chicago on Wednesday to encourage more employers to require staff to get the vaccine.

After the nurse managed the shot, Biden rolled his sleeves, pressed a button on his cuffs, and walked to Days for questions.

“I’m a natural optimist,” he said. “I think things will work, and we’ll get it done.”

Biden receives the vaccine “booster” as the confusion continues on the third dose.Joe Biden

Source link Biden receives the vaccine “booster” as the confusion continues on the third dose.Joe Biden

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