Biden resumes program to allow Central American children to legally come to the United States

The Biden administration said this week that the U.S. government began accepting new applications for Obama-era immigration policy that would allow some U.S.-based parents to legally take their children to the country from Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. Announced on Monday.

The acceptance of the new petition, scheduled to begin on Tuesday, marks the final stage of the Biden administration’s resurgence of the Central American Minors (CAM) initiative. Immigrant children I promise to reach the southern border.

“We are humanely and respectfully determined to welcome people to the United States and reunite their families,” the Department of State and the Department of Homeland Security said in a joint statement. “We are fulfilling our commitment to promote safe and orderly humanitarian migration from Central America through the expansion of legal pathways for humanitarian protection in the United States.”

In the first phase of the program’s revival, which was terminated by the Trump administration in 2017, the United States identified more than 3,000 pending cases closed for termination, officials said Monday. More than 1,400 cases have been resumed, but officials added that no children have arrived in the United States so far.

“We are very close to the move,” said one administration official, referring to the arrival of the United States.

“Ten thousand” parents living in the United States could benefit from a full reinstatement of the program, officials said.

An unaccompanied minor from Honduras joins an extended family in Indiana after spending eight weeks in U.S. government custody.
Honduras immigrant Nani, 10, will be welcomed by an extended family when the plane arrives in Louisville, Kentucky on April 23, 2021. Unaccompanied minors were released from the control of US Health and Welfare Services that day after spending nearly eight weeks in a shelter in Indiana.

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In June, the Byden administration expanded its CAM program to allow parents to petition for their children if an asylum or U visa application reserved for victims of serious crime is pending. bottom. Green card holders, beneficiaries of temporary protection status (TPS), and others with temporary legal status in the United States can also apply.

According to the Biden administration, U.S.-based resettlement agencies and their local affiliates (currently preparing to settle tens of thousands of Afghan refugees in third countries) have their parents on the CAM program. Trained to help sign up.

The arbitrage process should take 12 to 14 months, officials said.

Created in 2014 after a surge in unaccompanied children US border controlThe CAM Policy was designed to help minors fleeing violence in Central America, where they have families in the United States.

After U.S.-based parents submit an application on their behalf, children will be interviewed in their home country and whether they are eligible for resettlement based on the persecution they may have suffered. To judge. Even if they are denied refugee status, children may be given criminal parole, which allows them to legally enter the United States.

Unlike refugee status, parole does not put immigrants on the path to permanent status in the United States. According to government statistics, 2,600 applicants were resettled as refugees and an additional 2,200 were granted parole before the Trump administration dismantled CAM.

In July of last month, when statistics were available, US authorities along the southern border detained more than 18,900 unaccompanied children. This is the highest ever. According to government data, about 83% of these children were welcomed from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.

Biden resumes program to allow Central American children to legally come to the United States

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