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Atlanta, Georgia 2021-10-22 07:05:56 –

US President Joe Biden with CNN’s anchor and host Anderson Cooper at CNN’s Presidential City Hall on October 21, 2021 in Baltimore, Maryland. (Photo: Heather Fulbright / CNN)

Joe Biden showed frankness and humor on Thursday, reminding the United States of why he was chosen as president during the dark hours of the crisis.But in CNN Town Hall In Baltimore, he also showed a tendency to send his own White House to emergency damage control. He reversed the set-in-stone policy from the cuff, providing a gapped opening to Republican enemies.

Towards Prime time event, The president needed to stabilize the White House, which appears to have been overtaken by several events in recent months, from the surge of Covid-19 Delta variants to the withdrawal of Afghanistan. It was imperative for him to regain the impression of his ability to resonate with the presidential campaign when then-President Donald Trump was breaking the fight against Covid-19.

Overall, Biden His deadlocked Washington agenda Completed some handy repair work on the image of the president, who was pretty good, and badly hurt by the miserable summer that dented his approval rating.The president also burned the hopes of liberals by proposing future openness. Amendment of Senate Filibuster RulesUsed by Republicans to strangle the most radical democratic reform measures.

He exploded New controversy over China And in the administration’s blind spot on the record arrival of undocumented immigrants to the southern border, he raised a new question about. His command of supply chain crunch..

But at its most basic level, presidential politics is about personality.Successful presidents are control, credibility, and Empathy for the struggle Of the people they lead. Biden came across in his element with the audience as humble, neat and humane. His masochism was in stark contrast to the complex of his predecessor’s constantly boasting personas and raging victims, and was one of the reasons he defeated Trump last year.

Biden also made a somewhat delayed effort to sell the country on the agenda of his infrastructure and social spending, so many of the countries are almost unfamiliar. After days of closed-door negotiations, he had a fascinating glimpse of the tough negotiations and painful compromises that had to be made to pass the measures. He put flesh into planning social care spending and explained why free community colleges and visual insurance were abolished to build a majority to pass the bill.

The president must eventually make progress by bringing together progressives and moderates in the Senate, and the simplification he must pass through the eyes of the majority of the 50-50 Senate and the small edge of the House of Representatives. Sealed the agenda arrangement. The next few days in Washington will show if he was successful.

Biden was almost invisible for days. His promised travel blitz has barely taken off to convince the country of the benefits of the most ambitious social overhaul for generations. But with the skills to speak face-to-face with voters on display Thursday night, some supporters wonder why the president goes out more and he doesn’t do his best. maybe.

“I think he’s done pretty well,” said David Axelrod, a former strategist of President Barack Obama and senior political analyst at CNN.

The president was also under strong pressure on Thursday to convince key supporters of African-American voters that he could deliver for them even after sending him on his way to the president. One questioner in the audience asked Biden to do more to save the Voting Rights Act, which was again blocked in the Senate on Wednesday by Republicans.In response, Biden, who seemed to be struggling between his conscience and the need for political strategy, eventually Senate filibuster..

He pondered and walked the stage before suggesting that it could be open to reorganizing the Senate on voting rights and many more issues. That’s a difficult question, as some Democratic senators disagree. And with characteristic honesty, Biden said he couldn’t push the move until his two big bills were passed. If that happens, it will be big news.

But the problem, along with details on spending plans and Capitol Hill procedures, was mostly inside baseball for Washington powers, even if the response to Taiwan upset some Beijing officials.

Biden leaves room for negotiation

Biden joked that he had been a senator for 370 years before becoming Vice President in 2009, demonstrating the political skills that could bring an ambitious legislative plan back from the crisis of defeat. After days of being trapped in negotiations with the Senator, he was able to convey the human impact of the bill in a way that was understandable to a non-politician audience. He drew similarities with his own long life in the middle class.

He also provided the most concrete prediction that a week-long deadlock between progressives could actually create a deal. This will pave the way for both the bill and the legacy of the most vast democratic president in years.

But Biden also gave himself political room for maneuverability. Progressive Democrats have spent days blaming West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin and Arizona Senator Kyrsten Cinema for $ 3.5 trillion in social infrastructure plans, but byden. Praised both lawmakers. He was disarmament and candid about why Manchin opposes a global warming program that could accelerate the solar eclipse of coal mining in his state, and why Cinema opposes raising tax rates.

Biden, in a cruel armpit summarizing his rigorous legislative quest, said: “When you are in the US Senate, you are the President of the United States, and you have 50 Democrats, everyone is the President. So you have to settle things.”

One of the reasons Biden is sometimes unintentionally attractive politician is that his natural candidness, and his tendency to launch unguided rhetorical missiles, makes his appearance a high-wire act. .. He tended to create controlled gaffs in highly scripted presidential elections. But it’s always lurking in the background, and on Thursday he embroidered a Republican story that the 78-year-old president is out of his depth and unaware of some of the biggest challenges the country is facing. Provided many instantly harmful remarks.

At some point, Biden proposed accepting the call of National Guard to mitigate a supply chain crisis where some supermarkets were clogged, inflation surged, and shelves were emptied. “Yes, absolutely positive. I will do that,” Biden told CNN’s Anderson Cooper.

However, the White House quickly wiped out the statement and told journalists that it was not actively considering steps under the governor’s jurisdiction.

As another gift to the Republicans, Biden tries to get out of the question about the crisis at the U.S.-Mexico border and delivers a sound bite that can quickly fill in attack ads designed to rejuvenate Trump base. bottom.

“I think I should get off, but the point is that I didn’t have much time to get off,” Biden said.

And, not for the first time, the president seemed to trample on the long-standing doctrine of “strategic ambiguity” that masks US intentions when Taiwan’s autonomous islands are exposed to Chinese attacks.

Mr Biden asked twice at CNN’s Town Hall whether the United States would protect Taiwan in the event of a Chinese attack. “Yes, we promise to do that,” he said.

Again, the White House swiftly clarified what was said when tensions with Beijing were surprisingly high. Officials said Biden had not announced any policy changes. Under the US agreement with Taiwan, the United States is required by law to provide the island with a means of self-defense. But it never mentions how it responds to China’s aggression — partly to prevent the Declaration of Independence in Taipei. The issue is receiving new repercussions following the rise of Beijing’s threatening tactics.

Still, the White House had a lot of satisfaction after Biden’s appearance. His presidency has always been about his character and the restoration of the soul of the people after the eruption of the Trump era.

And, despite his mistakes, the president showed his key humanity in connecting with his favorite Americans in his answer to the pandemic that most likely defines his presidency.

“I’m asked:’What’s going on at Christmas? What about Thanksgiving? Is it okay? So what’s going on? Can I buy gifts for my kids?” I have a lot of anxieties. “

Another president may not have raised a question he could not yet fully answer. But millions of Americans think the same.

Biden returns to retail politics to rescue his biggest deal yet Source link Biden returns to retail politics to rescue his biggest deal yet

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