Biden says he gets a place like Scranton. Some people in town are not so sure.

“Frankly, it was insulting,” said Francis Keating, 74, a retired accountant who lived in Scranton for most of her life. “He uses Scranton as a prop.”

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Still, she said she would vote for Mr Biden because “Trump is a monster.”

Scranton has become a symbol of the Democratic Party’s lost dream in 2016, when working-class voters abandoned the party in large numbers. The city itself is blue. However, the surrounding county, Lackawanna, and the neighboring county, Luzerne, showed the second and third largest fluctuations towards Mr. Trump among the counties with more than 100,000 voters in the United States. The surge was enough to cover his 44,000-vote victory in Pennsylvania.

Mr. Trump is down 7 percentage points in the state, but the enthusiasm he enjoys among many of Scranton’s ancestral Democrats is still faced in the state where Mr. Biden is considered a winner next month. It highlights the issues that are being addressed.

Former meat inspector Kim Anselmi was watching TV when Mr. Biden flashed on the screen after dinner in the suburbs of Scranton last month.

“Mr. President, do your job,” Biden said.

Angelmi ridiculed. She said she was tired of hearing from progressives that she had privileges because she was white and feared that President Biden would only give them more power.

“I graduated from college,” said Angelmi, who voted for Trump in 2016 at the age of 55, for the first time she became president. “I was a Sears guard. I worked in a meat factory where I was the only woman. Now do you say I’m qualified?”

It didn’t matter that Mr. Biden was from this area. Angelmi will vote for Trump again. But as a sign of how complicated politics has become within the family, her husband, an immigrant from Uruguay who acquired citizenship in 2009 but never voted, likes Mr. Biden, who he said. Said he thought he might vote for.

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