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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-20 09:57:14 –

Washington(NewsNation Now) — President Joe Biden is shrinking the ambitious domestic agenda, explaining to Democrats a more limited vision of the $ 2 trillion package, addressing climate change and expanding social welfare.

Likely to be eliminated or reduced: was central to the planning of a toll-free community college, the path to permanent legal status for certain U.S. immigrants, and Byden’s strategy to combat climate change. Clean energy plan.

It looks like the Democrats are ready to unite the party and abandon what was a higher $ 3.5 trillion package in favor of smaller, more viable proposals that could win tightly divided passages. As it looked like, the president personally met with nearly 20 centrists and progressive lawmakers in separate groups on Tuesday.

Child tax deductions, paid family vacations, health care, and free pre-kindergarten are still mixed, according to details shared by people who are familiar with the conversation and who have been granted anonymity to discuss private meetings.

“How can millions of American parents, especially mothers, compete in the world if they can’t afford to be part of their workforce because they can’t afford to pay for childcare or long-term care?” Biden said at an event last week promoting his plans.

Biden felt “more confident” after the day of the meeting, spokesman Jen Psaki said. “There was an urgent need to move forward in the next few days, and there was widespread agreement that the window to complete the package was closed,” she said.

Biden will speak about his infrastructure plans. NewsNation will livestream them on the players listed above.

“It doesn’t matter if it’s 6 minutes, 6 days or 6 weeks, we’ll get it done,” Biden declared to reporters earlier this month.

Faced with unanimous Republican opposition and a paper-thin parliamentary majority, Democrats will need near unanimity to succeed.

Conservative Senator Joe Manchin from Coal, West Virginia, who is an important supporter of Biden’s proposal, revealed He opposed the president’s first clean energy performance plan, This imposes penalties on utilities that do not meet the clean energy benchmark and provides financial rewards to those that meet Biden’s goal of achieving 80% “clean electricity” by 2030. Will do.

For months, Arizona’s Manchin and Democratic Senator Kyrsten Cinema have opposed the scope and size of Biden’s package and saw a generational opportunity to rebuild the government’s program. I tested my patience. Cinema missed Senator’s lunch, but held a separate meeting with Biden.

The Republicans are completely opposed to Biden’s plans, so the president needs to pass all Democrats split 50-50 in the Senate and can only vote a few votes in the House of Representatives. Republican criticism of Biden Inflation cuts into labor wages and hinders growth.

Republicans say Democrats need to stop fighting between them and work with the GOP.

“They want to negotiate with Republicans in the House of Representatives.” Congressman Steve Scalise, R-La. Said in “Fox News Sunday”.

“They just have an insatiable desire to raise taxes and spend more money. It will kill jobs and attack middle-class families … it makes no sense at all,” he said.

Congress has set a deadline for passage on October 31st.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

Biden scales back $2T infrastructure plan; free community college unlikely Source link Biden scales back $2T infrastructure plan; free community college unlikely

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