Biden, Senate Press Bill Without PayBoost

Washington — Monday’s President Biden and Democratic allies Coronavirus relief package Despite the left-wing frustration of excluding the minimum wage increase, they want to pass the Senate this week.

Senate Democrats, who tried to save more limited wage increases through tax law over the weekend, abandoned their backup plans late Sunday. Taking it off the table, Mr Biden talked with a group of Senate Democrats about advancing the rest of the bill, as the party is working in both rooms to pass the agenda with a narrow majority.

Some Democrats who virtually met Mr Biden said the debate focused on targeting some of the bill’s aid.

Senator Joe Manchin, D., West Virginia, said after the meeting, “We’re just looking for a targeted bill,” and wants to see a bill that “helps those in need.” Stated. Some Democrats are urging many Americans to change the current income standard for $ 1,400 direct checks covered by the bill to make lower middle-class families less likely to make money. I will. Senator John Tester (D., Mont.) Said that some changes are likely to be made by amendments, but correspond to minor changes to the bill.

From here it is clear where the minimum wage issue goes. Mr Biden and Senate Democratic leaders said the bill would not phase out a gradual increase in the federal wage floor from the current $ 7.25 passed as part of the House bill early Saturday to $ 15 per hour. It revealed that. It opposed the $ 15 wage, but swallowed their disappointment and eased tensions with Senate centrists who put new pressure on progressives to unite around the president. A prominent progressive house hedged on Monday whether to vote for a bailout bill without a wage increase when the bill returns from the Senate.

Senate leader Chuck Schumer (Democratic Party of New York) said on the Senate floor Monday that he expects “heartfelt discussions and midnight” as the Chamber of Commerce begins discussions on the package this week. ..

In addition to paying $ 1,400 to many Americans, relief packages will expand and enhance federal unemployment assistance. Expand child tax deductions and send $ 350 billion in aid to state and local governments. Vaccine distribution, food stamps, and new funding for schools.

Republicans said the aid package was too wide, and Democrats urged them to wait where more money was needed after Congress passed nearly $ 4 trillion in relief efforts since the pandemic began.

“The Democrats have chosen a completely partisan route,” Senate minority leader Mitch McConnell (R., Ky.) Said on the Senate floor Monday.

Senator raises minimum wage Did not follow the rules About reconciliation process What the party is using to pass the bill. The Liberal Democratic Party has called on Senate leaders to ignore parliamentary advice and maintain wage increases.

Democratic concerns about the minimum wage clause included in President Biden’s $ 1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package could be forced to change. The WSJ’s Gerald F. Save explains.Photo Illustration: Laura Kammerman

Republican Rep. Ro Khanna, Democratic Party of California, said in a phone call to reporters Monday that “the decision of parliamentarians cannot stop the rise in American wages.”

The White House said it wouldn’t support taking that step.

Congressman Progressive Corcus Chairman Pramirajayapal, Democratic Party of Washington, said the bill needs to be finalized before voting without a wage increase. “We have to make sure it’s never weakened,” she said.

“We have made it clear that the minimum wage is our priority,” said Pramila Jayapal, Democrat, Washington, Monday.


Stephanie Reynolds / Bloomberg News

Senator Bernie Sanders (I., Vt.), Who led the effort to persuade Senators to allow wages to be offered as chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, said Monday that the Democratic Party should ignore her ruling. Stated. He said he would force a vote to raise the minimum wage to $ 15 an hour, but given the opposition of the Democratic Party of Japan, that effort is likely to fail.

“The president talks about the soul of the country, which is the soul of the Democratic Party. The minimum wage must be raised to the living wage,” Sanders said.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D., CA) said that if it wasn’t included in the Senate bill, it would move to submit an independent bill that would raise wages to $ 15 an hour. But it required 60 votes in the Senate, and Republicans were willing to raise wages from $ 7.25, but most barked at the $ 15 level.

The outlook for the independence bill could trigger negotiations with the Republicans and see if a compromise could be reached on federal wage adjustments.

“I’m very optimistic about finding another path,” Senator Richard Blumenthal, D., Connecticut, said on Monday. “You may not have the right to vote at this time, but there is another way.”

If a bipartisan agreement cannot be reached, the Liberal Democratic Party has signaled that they will step up their push to eliminate. 60-vote threshold still required by most laws..

“The only reason we’re in this turmoil is because of filibuster,” said Senator Elizabeth Warren, Democrat, Massachusetts, who has called for years to abandon filibuster. It was. “If you can get rid of the filibuster, you don’t have to try to force the camel through the needle.”

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Biden, Senate Press Bill Without PayBoost

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