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Biden sends millions of Pfizer vaccine doses to 100 countries

Washington-President Biden is under pressure to actively tackle the global coronavirus vaccine shortage, and as early as Thursday, his administration purchased the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine 500 million times by the end of next year. We are announcing that we will donate to about 100 countries. People who are familiar with the plan.

The White House has reached an agreement just in time Biden’s 8-day trip to EuropeThis is his first opportunity to reassert the United States as a world leader and restore a relationship that was badly worn by President Donald J. Trump.

“We need to end Covid-19 everywhere, not just at home,” Biden said. Told the U.S. military After landing at RAF Mildenhall in Suffolk, England. “There is no wall high enough to protect us from this pandemic and the next biological threat. There are others. We need collaborative multilateral action.”

Those familiar with Pfizer’s trading said the United States would pay doses at “non-profit” prices. They said the first 200 million doses would be distributed by the end of this year and 300 million by the next June. Dose will be distributed through Covax, an international vaccine sharing initiative.

Biden attends NATO and a group of seven summits and is in Europe for a week to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Geneva. He may use this trip to call on other countries to step up vaccine distribution.

In a statement Wednesday, White House official Jeffrey D. Seienz, who was responsible for devising a global vaccination strategy, said Biden, “Rallying global democracy over solving this crisis globally. And the United States is an important vaccine in the global battle with Covid-19. “

The White House is looking to use its success as a diplomatic tool, highlighting its success in the fight against the pandemic, especially its vaccination campaign, especially as China and Russia aim to do the same. Biden argues that unlike China and Russia, which share vaccines with dozens of countries, the United States does not seek to draw promises from countries that are vaccinated with American products.

The 500 million doses are well below the World Health Organization’s estimated 11 billion doses needed to vaccinate the world, but well above the doses the United States has promised to share. I am. Other countries have called on the United States to abandon some of its abundant vaccine supply. Less than 1% Completely vaccinated In many African countries compared to 42% in the United States and the United Kingdom.

Defenders of global health welcomed the news, but reiterated their position that simply providing vaccines to the United States was not enough. They say the Biden administration must create conditions for other countries to produce vaccines on their own.

“The world needs urgent new production to produce billions of doses within a year, as well as a promise to buy a planned inadequate supply,” to Public Citizen’s medicines. Peter Maybalduk, director of the access program at, said in a statement. “We haven’t yet seen plans from the US government or the G7 for the ambitions and urgency needed to end the pandemic with billions of doses,” he added.

The deal with Pfizer, unlike Pfizer, has the potential to open the door to similar agreements with other vaccine manufacturers, including Moderna, where the vaccine was developed with US taxes. In addition, the Biden administration Merck supports production Johnson & Johnson vaccines, and their doses, may be available for overseas use.

The United States has already signed a contract to purchase 300 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine for distribution in the United States. This requires two doses. According to people familiar with the contract, 500 million doses will be added to it.

Neither Pfizer nor the authorities say that the company is charging the government for doses. Pfizer also offers the Biden administration the option to purchase an additional 200 million rounds of donations to donate abroad.

For Pfizer, the decision to sell large quantities of supplies to the Biden administration without making a profit is an important step.

The vaccine generated $ 3.5 billion in revenue in the first three months of this year, or nearly a quarter of Pfizer’s total revenue. According to some estimates, the company generated approximately $ 900 million in pre-tax profit from vaccines in the first quarter.

However, despite Pfizer’s CEO Albert Bourla promising in January that “developing countries have the same access rights as the rest of the world,” the company has made wealthy nations. He also faced criticism that he was supporting disproportionately.

The 200 million Pfizer doses that the Biden administration plans to donate this year represent about 7 percent of the 3 billion doses the company expects to produce. Pfizer hopes to provide low- and middle-income countries or low- and middle-income countries with an additional 800 million doses through individual countries or other agreements with Covacs, a spokeswoman said.

For Mr Biden, the agreement shows that his administration is willing to immerse deeper in the treasury to help poorer countries.

Last week, Mr. Biden was in the United States Distribute 25 million doses This month to the Caribbean and Latin American countries. South Asia and Southeast Asia; Africa; and Palestinian territory, Gaza and the West Bank.

These doses are the first of the 80 million doses Biden promised to send abroad by the end of June. Three-quarters of them are distributed by Covax. The rest will be directed to addressing imminent urgent crises in places like India, the West Bank and Gaza, officials said. Many of the 80 million doses were given by AstraZeneca and are still bound by a complex review by the Food and Drug Administration.

Biden also promised to help waive international intellectual property contracts that make it difficult for companies to refuse to share their technology. However, European leaders have blocked the proposed exemption, and pharmaceutical companies strongly oppose it. The Council on Trade-related Aspects of World Trade Organization Intellectual Property Rights is meeting this week to consider exemptions.

The president’s promise of a vaccine for the global market comes on Thursday as he prepares to meet with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson. He called on leaders to promise to vaccinate everyone in the world by the end of 2022. This is welcome news for Mr Johnson. His critics are wondering where the money comes from to meet his promise.

“The truth is that world leaders have been kicking cans for months. They’ve run out of road,” said ONE Campaign, a non-profit organization aimed at eradicating world poverty. Africa Secretary-General Edwin Ikhouria said. Said in a statement on Wednesday.

About 64% of adults in the United States At least partially vaccinated, And the president has set a goal of increasing that number to 70% by July 4. The pace of vaccination has plummeted since mid-April, making the Biden administration more accessible and not yet taking shots.

Despite those efforts Unused vaccine dose that can be wastedAccording to federal authorities, once thawed, the shelf life of the dose is limited, and millions of people can begin to expire within two weeks.

Providing equitable access to vaccines has become one of the most unmanageable challenges in controlling a pandemic. Wealer countries and private sectors have promised tens of millions of doses and billions of dollars to support global supply, but the inequality in vaccine distribution to date has been enormous.

Dr. Tedros Adhanom Gebreez, director of the World Health Organization, said this week that the world is “2-track pandemic,” inside that Countries lacking vaccines will Fighting viral cases Even if a well-supplied country returns to normal.

He said these low-income countries would rely heavily on wealthier countries until vaccines were distributed and produced more equitably.

Daniel E. Slotnick Contributed to the report from New York, Michael D. Sheer From Plymouth, England.

Biden sends millions of Pfizer vaccine doses to 100 countries

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