Biden sets goal of full vaccination of 160 million adults by July 4th

Washington- President Biden has set a new goal of fully vaccination of 160 million US adults by July 4, and at least partial vaccination of 70% of adults. COVID-19 vaccination I’m late.

“As expected, the pace of vaccination is slowing now that the majority of American adults have already received their first injections,” Biden said in a statement at the White House. “Soon, we will reach the adults who are most enthusiastic about vaccination, at which point this effort will change … Now we need to provide vaccines to those who are less enthusiastic.”

Mr Biden said the administration would be attacked “easier than ever” as the United States entered the “new phase” of its vaccination campaign.

The president directs pharmacies to provide walk-in vaccines, develops mobile vaccination clinics, raises funding to reach out to communities, and encourages young people to vaccinate when shots are approved. By doing so, he said the government would start new efforts to reach its goals. Youth. He took the Americans to a new website,, To find a nearby vaccination site.

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As of Monday, more than 104 million adults, or 40% of the adult population, were fully vaccinated. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The percentage of adults who made at least one shot was 56.3%.

Food and Drug Administration Expected to be approved Pfizer and BioNTech vaccines for adolescence by early next week. The president said the government was ready to start vaccination of young people as soon as the agency approved its use.

“When that announcement comes, we want American parents to know that we’re ready to move soon … As soon as the FDA approves OK, about 20,000 pharmacy sites across the country are on them. Are ready to vaccinate young people, “Biden said. ..

As the state began to lift pandemic-related restrictions and the demand for shots slowed, new impetus was created to reach unvaccinated individuals.Biden administration Told state officials On Tuesday, plan-savvy officials told CBS News that they were shifting vaccine dose deployments to allow them to send chaotic shots to other states with higher demand. It was.

Under the new plan, if states do not require the number of doses allocated based on population, those doses will be diverted to a new federal pool available to other high-demand states. Officials said the state could order up to 50% more than its weekly quota. But they emphasized that it was not a “use or lose” system.

At least 25 states have told CBS News that they have not ordered all the available doses allocated this week.

The president said shifting the focus to persuading Americans to vaccinate was easier in some respects than the government’s initial efforts to increase vaccine production and distribution. He acknowledged the difficulty of persuading skeptical Americans to vaccinate.

“In the end, most people will be convinced of the fact that unvaccinated people can get sick and possibly die,” Biden said. “Therefore, in one sense, it’s easy because we don’t have to put together this large-scale logistics effort, but in another sense, it’s difficult and out of personal control.”

The CDC released updated guidelines last week. Vaccinated people can safely resumeIncludes relaxing mask use in most outdoor environments. According to the report, more than 577,000 Americans died from the virus and there were about 30,000 new cases on Monday. Johns Hopkins University..

Corey Rangel, Ed O’Keefe and Max Bayer contributed to the report.

Biden sets goal of full vaccination of 160 million adults by July 4th

Source link Biden sets goal of full vaccination of 160 million adults by July 4th

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