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Washington — The reality at the US-Mexico border when President Joe Biden claimed “nothing has changed” regarding the number of children coming to the United States since his predecessor Donald Trump took office on Thursday. Was misunderstood. The number has increased since Biden took office on January 20.

At his first presidential press conference, Biden also provided a misleading explanation of who is most profiting from Trump’s tax cuts.

See Biden’s remarks:


Biden asked about the growing number of cross-border immigrant children. With so many people coming — my administration has increased the number of children to the border by 28%. 31% of last year in 2019 before the pandemic — in the Trump administration. It happens every year in a lonely year. The number of people coming to the border during the winter months of January, February and March has increased significantly. It happens every year. “

Fact: The president made a mistake. Unaccompanied immigrant children came to the border in more numbers than he said.

According to statistics released by the US Customs and Border Protection, authorities encountered 9,457 orphans in February, an increase of 61% from January, not 28%. The number of unaccompanied children increased by 31% between January 2019 and February 2019.

Asked about Biden’s statement, the Department of Homeland Security pointed out figures for all border crossings, including traveling with adults and families. There was a 28% increase in all encounters with immigrants between January and last month, compared to 31% in the same month of 2019. However, Biden pointed out an increase in “children” in particular.

Biden has correctly pointed out over the years the seasonal trends in migration and the increasing trend of border crossings months before the hot summer months. However, while many children and teenagers tried to downplay the inauguration as a reason for deciding to move to the United States, the Associated Press interviewed immigrants who said the country was more under Biden than Trump. He expressed his hope of becoming more forgiving.



BIDEN is too high for Republicans claiming his pandemic bailout package: “Do you hear them complain when they pass (a) nearly $ 2 trillion in Trump tax cuts? They talk about it. Have you ever heard of it? “

Fact: It can be misleading. The tax cuts passed under Trump disproportionately supported the top 1%, but not as much as Biden and many Democrats claimed.

Biden can quote his numbers as many of Trump’s tax cuts on families and individuals will expire unless Congress extends. According to an analysis by the Tax Policy Center, if it expires on time, 83% of the remaining tax cuts will apply to the top 1% of income earners in 2027.

However, up to 1% of income earners do not currently or in the next few years benefit from 83%. Biden is expected to propose a corporate tax hike that cancels much of what Trump achieved in the 2017 overhaul.



BIDEN is pitching large amounts of money to airports and other infrastructure. “That is, the future depends on having the best airports for air travel … Air, 20% of all flights — 20% of all flights weren’t done on time. 1.5 million hours were lost to production. “

Fact: He blames the infrastructure flight for being delayed too much. Flight delays are much more often due to the airline itself, a trend that has increased over the years.

For example, according to the Federal Bureau of Transportation Statistics, in 2020, 71% of flight delays were under airline control, such as crew or baggage loading issues, or delayed arrival of previous flights. Was the cause. About 22% was due to “delays in the national aviation system.” This includes infrastructure issues such as lack of terminals, gates and ramps. Extreme weather or security issues were the cause of the remaining delays.

Ten years ago in 2009, domestic aviation system issues accounted for a large part of flight delays, at around 31%, compared to 64% due to airline issues.

That said, civil engineer report cards recently rated aviation infrastructure as a disastrous D + due to lack of capacity.


The merchant reported from Houston. The Associated Press author David Klepper from Providence, Rhode Island, David Koenig from Dallas, Calvin Woodward and Hope Yen from Washington contributed to this report.


Editor’s Note — See the credibility of politicians’ claims.

Biden skews figures on border, taxes, more – The Denver Post Source link Biden skews figures on border, taxes, more – The Denver Post

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