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Biden speaks to supporters at a drive-in event in Las Vegas – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2020-10-09 15:50:14 –

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden is in Las Vegas and will host a drive-in event to talk to his supporters who can see him in the car.

Biden will speak at a drive-in event around 5:15 EST.

Earlier that day, Biden spoke at the East Las Vegas Community Center and told his supporters that he couldn’t win without strong support from Hispanics.

Biden is big enough to “decide the outcome” of the November elections to Latino Americans in Nevada and prevent President Donald Trump from imposing a “fake challenge” on the outcome. He says he can bring victory.

Latino Americans are on track to outpace black voters as the largest non-white share of US voters. Biden masked that voting in a decisive number is “a guarantee that it will have a significant impact on what happens next,” as politicians react to those who “vote.” Talked to a socially distant crowd.

Biden created similarities between his lineage as an Irish Catholic immigrant and much of the Latin community he said was hurt by Trump’s hard-line immigration policy. Biden says “family and faith” links his experience with the Hispanic community.

Early voting will begin on October 17th in Nevada.

Hillary Clinton won the state in 2016, but remains a battlefield.

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