Biden tackles gun violence with enforcement measures against “ghost guns” and pistols | Biden administration

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The· Biden administration In the aftermath of the shootings in Atlanta and Boulder, we announced several administrative measures designed to curb gun violence. The government also plans to appoint David Chipman, a former federal agent and advocate of gun control, to command the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives.

The action includes a directive by the Justice Department to issue a draft regulation on “ghost guns,” unregistered guns that can be assembled from parts, later next month.

Joe Biden also directs the Department of Justice to clarify regulations to ensure that pistols with stabilizing braces that basically convert to rifles are regulated under the National Firearms Act. Pistols are cheap and easy to carry across state boundaries, but rifles are more regulated. Boulder shooting suspects use pistols with braces that look and act like rifles and use the same ammunition as the infamous AR-15, but are regulated like rifles by current law. Is not …

The president then urges various agencies to devote more resources to local violence prevention measures and calls on the Justice Department to develop a model “danger signal” law. This allows the family to petition the court to steal guns from those who are considered threats. – For the state to pick up and adopt. In some states, including Colorado, books already have warning signs.

Officials said these new measures were just the beginning and the administration would encourage Democrats in Congress to pass further gun control reforms and consider other administrative measures to reduce gun violence.

Biden, who was in charge of managing the Obama administration’s gun violence prevention activities as vice president, promised ambitious reforms during the presidential campaign. For the 2020 election, he enacted a law requiring a background check on the sale of all guns, banning the sale of guns online, and banning the manufacture and sale of assault weapons and large-capacity magazines. And vowed to regulate or buy back what is already in circulation. .. Proponents of gun control were disappointed that the president was unable to take early action shortly after taking office.

Appointing Chipman as ATF Director can be the first step towards more action. The post has been vacant since 2015. However, Chipman faces a difficult battle in the Senate. The Democratic majority, but even moderates, can be fed up with Chiman’s strong position on all assault weapons and other restrictions.

Passing the gun control bill in the Senate is even more difficult, and Republicans are categorically opposed to the bill. After a mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in 2012, Biden was unable to promote major gun control legislation. At the time, the Democratic Party was the majority, but the bill did not get enough support to overcome the filibuster. Currently, the Democratic Party has an even narrower lead in the Senate.

Biden tackles gun violence with enforcement measures against “ghost guns” and pistols | Biden administration

Source link Biden tackles gun violence with enforcement measures against “ghost guns” and pistols | Biden administration

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