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Wildfires, heat waves, droughts and floods indicate that climate change has “already arrived” in Arizona, and action is urgently needed, according to progressive supporters of climate change and elections. It has been. Kyrsten Cinema Represents the state of the Senate.

Many of them are wondering why their senators seem to have “turned her back” in the context of environmental politics and are currently blocking. Democratic PartyTrillions of dollars in law to deal with climate change.

“The climate crisis is here-it has already arrived in Arizona,” said Vianey Olivarria, director of Chispa Arizona, the state branch of the Conservation Voter League for the Senate. “We don’t have much time to waste.”

Cinema is one of two Senators Nakamichi – Joe Manchin West Virginia – Opponents Biden administrationA $ 3.5 trillion budget plan that includes most of the Democratic climate change agenda.
This summer, part of Arizona’s Earth cracked – dried by decades of drought. However, some communities were also flooded. This year, a fierce wildfire has consumed 500,000 acres. And a protracted record-breaking heat wave, supercharged by artificial climate change, killed dozens of people in and around Phoenix.

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Joe Biden showed the strongest sign ever that he was willing to end or shatter the Senate filibuster As a means of overcoming Republican uncompromising and advancing reforms such as voting rights and debt caps.

Speak in Baltimore the day after the Senate Republican again I was blocked Biden, a key law designed to ensure access to ballot boxes for all Americans, complains about filibuster and effectively gives conservative minorities broad policy shackles. He stated that he was.

“We will have to move to a point where we will radically change the filibuster,” the president said.

so CNN Town Hall In Baltimore Thursday night, Biden hedged on how far reform would go. “It hasn’t been seen yet,” he said, “on whether to radically change it, or whether we would end the filibuster straight.”

Question from the moderator Anderson cooper Biden replied, “and maybe more,” whether or not he would consider ending the filibuster with voting issues alone.

Biden says negotiations on the settlement bill “up to four or five issues”

Biden talks about clearing the settlement bill to “four or five issues” – Live | US News

Source link Biden talks about clearing the settlement bill to “four or five issues” – Live | US News

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