Biden targets diverse groups with COVID-19 fund vaccine hesitarian

The Biden administration has awarded millions of dollars to counter fear and misinformation in the color community, which indicates concern about the safety of the COVID-19 vaccine. Over the past three weeks, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has awarded more than $ 17 million to several organizations planning vaccine education, according to a US Department of Health and Human Services funding database.

Fifteen organizations advocating for Blacks, Hispanics, Asian Americans, and Native Americans have received funding to strengthen their educational support for the COVID-19 vaccine. The Unidos US and National Urban League were awarded the largest grants of $ 3.2 million and $ 2 million, respectively.

Colored races are more likely to be infected with COVID-19 than whites, and blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are two to three times more likely to require hospitalization, according to the report. CDC data..

Even at these rates, white Americans are vaccinated at a much higher rate than other racial minorities. As of February 22, more than 19 million people were fully vaccinated, 65% of whom were white, according to the CDC. data.. About half of the states record demographic information.

The Biden administration has not commented on the CDC’s funding for outreach activities, but HHS officials have confirmed coordinated outreach.

Prior to the development of the COVID-19 vaccine, vaccine hesitation was most pronounced among African Americans. According to a Pew Research Center survey since last fall, only 42% of vaccinations are planned, compared to 63% of Hispanics and 61% of Caucasian adults. According to a survey, English-speaking Asian Americans are most likely to be vaccinated, with 83% saying they will be vaccinated.

Healthcare distrust remains in the color community, partly due to past medical abuse by the federal government. Two of the most serious abuses that have occurred within the last 50 years: Tuskegee A syphilis study of black men for over 40 years.Sterilization with Thousands Native American women in the 1970s without the consent of Indian Health Services

A non-profit organization of the National Black Church Council received $ 1.56 million to encourage their parishioners to vaccinate.

“The black church has more contact with blacks than any other organization in the country, even during a pandemic,” said Dr. Jackie Burton, chairman of the conference. “We continue to worship and provide services even when we are not inside the building.”

The conference hopes that the money will also help in efforts to provide vaccinations in the church.

In the coming weeks, this will be the “Ministry of Health that touches people’s lives and puts vaccines in their arms,” ​​said AME Bishop Adam J. Richardson.

Other organizations are focusing on bridging the linguistic gap in trusted information.

The Asian & Pacific Islander American Health Forum uses the $ 1.8 million award to address the “digital divide” of the Asian-American community, with less-spoken but important languages ​​such as Samoan, Marshallese, and Chuukese. Will provide additional simplified vaccination instructions at. Juliet K. Choi.

Choi also said that online messaging for vaccines will be prominent on popular communication platforms such as WeChat, WhatsApp and KaKao.

Bridging the language barrier is also a priority of the Native American Medical Association, a group that received a $ 950,000 grant. Tribal nations are sovereign, so you can choose who to vaccinate. In some places, such as the Cherokee state, vaccination is preferred for their language maintainers.

“One of the key ways to keep us is to keep our language and traditions,” Dr. Mary Owen, president of the association, told CBS News. “They know that this is closely related to maintaining our health.”

If vaccinated from this outreach, the individual may be able to wear another recent CDC purchase from the Vaccination Action Union: “I got my COVID-19 vaccine. A million dollar button and sticker to promote the message “I did.”

Max Bayer and Alex Tin contributed to this report.

Biden targets diverse groups with COVID-19 fund vaccine hesitarian

Source link Biden targets diverse groups with COVID-19 fund vaccine hesitarian

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