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In an evenly divided Senate, Biden needs the support of all Democrats and cannot afford to vote.

Senator Joe Manchin in the center and Senator Kyrsten Sinema, Arizona on the far left will board the elevator as they leave the meeting at Capitol Hill, Washington on Wednesday. Associated Press

Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden heads to Capitol Hill early Thursday to relate to his simplified domestic policy bill after lengthy negotiations on ambitious social and climate policies and how to pay for them. They promote a bipartisan infrastructure plan with painstaking Democrats.

Biden then speaks from the White House. This could indicate that a paid family vacation proposal could fail and an agreement could be reached after the billionaire tax was abolished to beat key senators in the 50-50 Senate. I have.

The president wanted to at least announce the trading framework before leaving for the World Summit late Thursday.

The Democratic controversy over a large domestic policy bill has blocked the passage of another $ 1 trillion package of road, broadband and other infrastructure projects that cleared the Senate with bipartisan support. Progressive House Democrats want to see the details of big domestic legislation before voting on infrastructure measures.

As negotiations proceeded, the $ 3.5 trillion domestic measure shrank to about $ 1.75 trillion. Still mixed: an expanded health care program, free pre-kindergarten, and about $ 500 billion to tackle climate change.

The Democratic Party is imposing a new surcharge on the wealthy, according to those who claimed anonymity and discussed personal talks.

The billionaire tax proposal was designed to win another democratic holdout, Senator Kyrsten Cinema, ArizonaBut West Virginia Senator Joe Manchin panned it for unfairly targeting the wealthy and confronted Democrats.

“People in the stratosphere must be pleased that the country can generate wealth, rather than trying to punish it,” Manchin told reporters.

Manchin said the wealthiest Americans prefer a flat “patriotic tax” of at least 15% to avoid skipping tax payments. Nevertheless, he said: “We need to move forward.”

Next autumn Proposed paid family vacation program It had already been carved back in 12 to 4 weeks to satisfy Manchin. But his opposition is unlikely to be included in the bill, he said.

In an evenly divided Senate, Biden needs the support of all Democrats and cannot afford to vote.

White House officials meet with two senators, Manchin and Cinema, who are currently in huge power, at the Capitol to see if Biden can fulfill the promises of the Democratic Party’s main campaign. I decided on.

Sunday’s deadline was approaching to approve smaller bipartisan road and bridge infrastructure bills.

Despite a series of deadlines, Democrats have been unable to close deals between them, and Republicans are overwhelmingly opposed to the package. At best, Democrats could reach a framework that could send Biden abroad to get a deal and unlock the process while the final details were sewn.

Under pressure, Pelosi announced at a committee hearing Thursday that he would push Biden’s package towards a full house vote, but the timing remained uncertain.

Democrats settle the earnings side of the equation after Wednesday’s announcement of billionaire tax rejects the party’s previous idea that cinema would revoke Trump-era tax incentives for companies and wealthy people earning more than $ 400,000. I wanted to help you.

The new billionaire’s proposal is to tax the interests of less than 800 people with assets over $ 1 billion, income over $ 100 million for the third consecutive year, and profits on stocks and other tradable assets. Demand to pay taxes. Rather than waiting for the holdings to be sold.

Democrats say they can make $ 200 billion in revenue that could help fund Biden’s package in 10 years. Some Republicans have accused millionaires of taxes as “crazy” and suggest that they will face legal issues.

But Oregon Democratic Senator Ron Wyden, chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, claimed that millionaire taxes remained on the table.

“I’ve never heard a millionaire stand up and say,’Hey, I think it’s fun to pay nothing for years,’ even though there’s no US Senator,” Weiden said. ..

The most likely mix was a companion suggestion. New 15% corporate minimum tax, And a new additional tax proposed for high incomes in excess of $ 10 million.

Together, they are designed to meet Biden’s desire for wealthy and large corporations to pay a “fair share.” They also meet his promise that new taxes will not apply to incomes of less than $ 400,000 per year, or less than $ 450,000 for couples. Biden wants to pay the full amount of the package without accumulating debt.

Among the Democrats, Massachusetts lawmaker Richard Neale, chairman of the Ways and Means Commission, said it could be difficult to impose millionaire taxes on Weiden.Despite the opposition to cinema, he expects Democrats to stick to the approach his panel took by simply increasing the rate of wealthy, undoing with businesses. 2017 tax cuts..

“There’s a lot of anxiety about billionaire taxes,” Neil said.

Under the House bill approved by Neil’s Commission, the maximum personal income tax rate will increase from 37% to 39.6% for annual incomes of $ 400,000 and for couples above $ 450,000. The corporate rate will rise from 21% to 26.5%.

The House bill also proposes an additional 3% tax on the wealthiest Americans with adjusted income of over $ 5 million annually, and Neil can raise it to $ 10 million to win holdouts. bottom.

From childcare support due to opposition from two senators Benefits of dentistry, vision and hearing aids for the elderly..

It used to be a lot of money Climate change strategy As Coal State Manchin objected, polluters are less punished and instead focus on rewarding clean energy incentives.

Vermont Independent Senator Bernie Sanders said:

Biden to head to Capitol to push agenda, unite Democrats Source link Biden to head to Capitol to push agenda, unite Democrats

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