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Washington (AP) — President Joe Biden said Wednesday that he would withdraw the rest of the U.S. military from the “eternal war” in Afghanistan, and the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 20 years ago, was the longest war in the United States. Declared that the still dead US military could not be justified.

His plan is to withdraw all US troops (currently 2,500) by September 11, the anniversary of the coordinated attack from Afghanistan. Shortly after Biden’s announcement, Brussels’ NATO Prime Minister Jens Stoltemberg withdrew about 7,000 troops from Afghanistan, in line with Biden’s decision that the alliance would begin its final withdrawal by May 1. He said he had agreed.

According to Biden, the United States continues to devote resources to uncontrollable wars and cannot expect different results.

The drawdown will begin rather than end by May 1, the deadline for a complete withdrawal under the peace agreement signed by the Trump administration with the Taliban last year.

“It’s time to end America’s longest war,” Biden said, but added that the United States “doesn’t rush to the exit.”

“We cannot continue the cycle of expanding or expanding our military presence in Afghanistan, creating ideal conditions for withdrawal, and different,” said Biden, who spoke from the White House Treaty Office, the same location as the president. I’m looking forward to the results. ” George W. Bush announced the beginning of the war. “I’m currently the fourth US President to oversee the US military presence in Afghanistan. Two Republicans. Two Democrats. I don’t transfer this responsibility to one-fifth.”

Biden’s announcement, which followed after his visit to Arlington National Cemetery, probably points to the most important foreign policy decisions in the early stages of his presidency.

He has long been skeptical of the existence of the United States in Afghanistan. As Vice President of Barack Obama, Biden is the lone voice of the administration, and while military advisers are urging military buildup to counter Tullivan’s interests, the 44th President is being asked to counter the country’s smaller terrorism I advised him to lean towards his role. Biden also said he would like to readjust US foreign policy to face the greater challenges posed by China and Russia.

There are obvious risks associated with withdrawing all US troops. It could support the Taliban’s efforts to regain power and revoke the interests in democracy and women’s rights over the last two decades. It also criticizes Biden and opens it up primarily to Republicans and some Democrats, even though former President Donald Trump also wanted a complete withdrawal.

“The administration has decided to abandon US efforts in Afghanistan to help curb radical Islamic terrorism,” said Senate Republican leader Mitch McConnell. “And strangely, they decided to do so by September 11th.”

Biden’s decision puts U.S. forces in Afghanistan four months longer than originally planned, but killed more than 2,200 U.S. forces, injured 20,000, and cost $ 1 trillion for 20 years. The war has definitely ended.

Biden spoke with Afghan President Ashraf Ghani on Wednesday prior to his speech. The White House said in a statement that Biden told Crab that the United States would continue to support the people of Afghanistan through development, humanitarian and security assistance.

“The Islamic Republic of Afghanistan respects US decisions and will work with US partners to ensure a smooth transition,” Gani said in a Twitter post.

Biden also spoke with former President Bush before announcing his decision. According to the White House, he also spoke with allies, military leaders, lawmakers, and Vice President Kamala Harris to assist in his decision. Bush declined to comment on his conversation with Biden through his spokesman.

Biden emphasized that his administration would continue to support peace talks between the Afghan government and the Taliban and support international efforts to train Afghan troops.

He said the “eternal war” led to military personnel who were not alive during the 9/11 terrorist attacks and a young army following the steps of mothers and fathers in deploying to Afghanistan.

“The war in Afghanistan was not intended for a multi-generational business,” Biden said.

President Obama said he wanted to end the war during his tenure, but said he eventually failed to end it and supported Biden’s decision. Take the rest of the army home. “

Following his speech, Biden visited Arlington National Cemetery to honor those who died in the recent American conflict. After paying homage, Biden told reporters that it was “absolutely clear” that ending the war was the right decision. Biden looked back on the service of his own late son, Beau Biden, in his speech and while visiting the sacred cemetery. The president’s son, who died of cancer in 2015, was sent to Iraq with the Delaware Army National Guard.

“I’m always surprised that women and men are giving their lives to this country for generations,” Biden said. “Recently, I’m having a hard time appearing in this graveyard and not thinking about my son.”

CIA Secretary William Burns said at a hearing Wednesday that America’s ability to contain the threat of terrorism from Afghanistan has benefited from its military presence there, and when that presence is withdrawn, it “collects the threat. The ability of the US government to act is diminished. “

“That’s just the fact,” Burns said. “But after the withdrawal, every time the time comes, it’s also true that all partners of the CIA and the US Government retain a set of features, some of which remain intact and some of which we generate. We can help us anticipate reconstruction efforts and fight. “

A senior government official said the September withdrawal date was an absolute deadline that would not be affected by the security situation in Afghanistan.

The long conflict greatly crippled al-Qaeda and resulted in the death of Osama Bin Laden, the designer of the attack on September 11. However, the withdrawal of the United States also provided much of the interests made in democracy, women’s rights and governance, while ensuring that the Taliban, which provided al-Qaeda shelter, was powerful and continued to control a wide area of ​​the country. Put it in danger.

When Biden announced his decision, his top National Security Advisers, Secretary of State Antony Blinken and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, coordinated NATO’s withdrawal from Afghanistan and the planned withdrawal of US troops. Was in talks in Brussels to do.

NATO chief Stoltenberg said the complete withdrawal of the alliance would be completed “in a few months” but did not mention the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attack on September 11.

“We entered Afghanistan together, adjusted our posture together, and left together,” he said.

___ Lee reported from Brussels. Associated Press writers Eric Tucker, Alexandra Jaffe, Zeke Miller and Darlene Superville contributed to the report.

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