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Biden to Push His Big Infrastructure Plan in Lake Charles – New Orleans, Louisiana

New Orleans, Louisiana 2021-05-06 08:14:00 –

President Joe Biden will be asked by a reporter on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 while talking about an American rescue program at the White House State Cafeteria in Washington. (AP photo / Evan Vucci)

Lake Charles, Louisiana-President Joe Biden pushes forward the claim of a credible Republican $ 2.3 trillion infrastructure plan in Louisiana. This directly challenges GOP lawmakers who say low taxes on businesses and the wealthy will drive economic growth.

Biden set out on Thursday for the presidency and chose to speak in the city of Lake Charles in front of a 70-year-old bridge, which was 20 years past its designed life.

Byden is involved with Republicans in Washington, with the idea that a corporate tax hike could provide $ 115 billion for roads and bridges, and hundreds of billions of dollars to upgrade the grid and make water systems safer. I’m trying to sell voters. Rebuild your home and start building your electric car in a hurry.

He is proposing to pay his plan by canceling the 2017 tax cut signed by President Donald Trump and raising the corporate tax rate from 21% to 28%. Biden argues that his program will strengthen the middle class and strengthen the country over tax cuts for large corporations and CEOs.

Biden hinted at this theme when answering a question from a reporter after Wednesday’s speech at the White House.

“What makes America grow more?” Biden said. “What can help you and your security even more? Do the ultra-rich people have to pay 3.9% less taxes, or do all generations of Americans have an associate degree?”

“I guess what,” he added. “It grows the economy. It benefits everyone. It doesn’t hurt anyone.”

Republican lawmakers have doubled low taxes as a central pillar of their ideology and partisan identity. Some Republican senators support spending $ 568 billion on infrastructure over a five-year period. This is just a small part of what the Democratic president has proposed. This shows how difficult it is to trade.

Kentucky Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said the Republican Party wanted to fund the infrastructure through user fees such as tolls and fuel taxes, but he didn’t specify which fee to repay. ..

“We are open to implementing a package of about $ 600 billion, which deals with all of us agreeing to be infrastructure and other than resuming the 2017 tax reform bill. We’ll discuss how to pay for it, “McConnell said at the University of Louisville this week.

The Biden administration believes the message could be replayed in Louisiana, the last supporter of the Democratic presidential candidate in 1996. Louisiana has been hit by 30 extreme weather events over the last decade, causing $ 50 billion worth of damage. Biden wants $ 50 billion to make its infrastructure resistant to storms, winds and floods.

The hurricane hit Lake Charles twice last year, which is home to 78,000 inhabitants over a six-week period. Biden will also visit New Orleans aquatic plants.

His infrastructure package was endorsed last week in a newspaper editorial by Republican Mayor Lake Charles Nick Hunter and Democrat Mayor Shreveport Adrian Perkins.

“Unfortunately, our dilapidated infrastructure and local government budgets can’t stand the tensions of the ever-increasing storms,” ​​they write. “As mayors of the great American cities of the South, we wake up at night for fear of each anticipated storm.”

There is a general agreement between Democrats and Republicans in Washington about the need for infrastructure spending. However, Biden’s proposal for Republican support presents significant hurdles.

The Republican Party wants to define infrastructure more narrowly, with a focus on roads, bridges, airports, transportation and broadband, rather than renewable energy and access to caregivers. They oppose canceling the 2017 tax cut and imposing higher taxes on businesses and the wealthy.

Associated Press Reporter Josh Boke

Biden to Push His Big Infrastructure Plan in Lake Charles Source link Biden to Push His Big Infrastructure Plan in Lake Charles

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