Biden vaccine mandate for federal contractors is blocked nationwide – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-12-07 16:15:00 –

The president is obliged to vaccinate the employees of the Biden administration’s federal contractors. COVID-19 (new coronavirus infection) shot.

Seven states that challenged a mission led by Georgia and set to take effect on January 4 are likely to succeed in proceedings against the administration’s orders in the southern Georgian district. Judge R. Stanbaker of the US District Court stated in an order issued today.

The Biden administration’s mission applies to about a quarter of the US workforce and affects companies that do business with the federal government, such as Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Alphabet’s Google, and General Motors.

Baker’s order follows last week’s approval of a federal judge in Kentucky for a provisional injunction in a proceeding involving Kentucky, Tennessee, and Ohio. Baker repeated what the Kentucky counterpart said. Blocking mandates did not show that the vaccine was ineffective in stopping the spread of COVID-19, but that Biden did not have the power to issue such an executive order. ..

A representative from the University of Georgia testified at an injunction hearing earlier this month that mandates would be costly, cumbersome and at the expense of valuable employees who have not yet provided evidence of vaccination. Insisted. These schools receive millions of dollars from the federal government.

Courts may prove that the state does not explicitly allow Congress to issue missions to the president, “on administrative and administrative issues to promote procurement and contract efficiency and the economy. It’s far more than working on it. ” President Donald Trump’s 2017 candidate instead said the executive order would act as a “public health regulation.”

Neither the state coalition lawyer nor the US government immediately responded to the request for comment sent by e-mail.

Idaho Governor Brad Little supported today’s ruling in a statement. The state is part of a Georgia-led contractor duty challenge, a lawsuit against occupational health and safety management shot-or-test emergency regulations against large US companies, and another inoculation rule for healthcare professionals.

“Another of President Biden’s vaccination obligations has been temporarily suspended because states, including Idaho, opposed the unprecedented government’s overshooting of American lives and businesses,” Little said in a statement. Said. “Currently, all three obligations are completely deadlocked. We continue to move forward in the fight against the bad policies of the federal government.”

Vast significance

Advanceing the executive order “will have a significant impact on the economy as a whole, as it will limit the ability of contractors and workers to work for federal contractors,” Baker said. “Therefore, it seems to have enormous economic and political significance.”

The government’s contractor’s mission is a series of proceedings from states trying to prevent its implementation, including the pre-Baker proceedings that also included Alabama, Kansas, South Carolina, Utah, and West Virginia in Georgia. Spurred a federal proceeding. It also sues Arizona, Florida, Texas and Oklahoma. They claim that the administration does not have the power to demand vaccinations and that its mission violates the US Constitution.

The federal contractor’s vaccine order is part of a series of actions by the Biden administration designed to increase vaccination rates. In addition to OSHA’s urgent regulations and medical company shot requirements paid by Medicare and Medicaid, Biden mandated federal workers to vaccinate.

Numerous objections to these requirements are pending in court, and last month the Fifth Circuit Federal Court of Appeals temporarily suspended the enforcement of OSHA regulations. Circuit 6 is ready to consider these integrated challenges to OSHA regulations.

The case is Georgia vs. Biden, SD Ga. , No. 21-cv-00163, 12/7/21.

Biden vaccine mandate for federal contractors is blocked nationwide Source link Biden vaccine mandate for federal contractors is blocked nationwide

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