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Biden Vaccine Push: What You Need to Know

President Biden announced on Thursday a six-part plan to take an active role in combating the epidemic of the Delta variant and touch on almost every aspect of society.

This is the content of the plan.

To increase the number of Americans vaccinated, the Ministry of Labor urgently requires all private companies with more than 100 employees to be fully vaccinated or tested negative at least once a week. Develop rules. This rule will affect an estimated 80 million workers. Employers also need to provide paid leave for employees to be vaccinated.

Mr. Biden in the expansion of his previous push to vaccinate the federal workforce Signed an executive order All government employees and federal contractors are required to be vaccinated, and testing requirements is no exception.

Biden said he intends to extend the vaccination requirements applicable to healthcare professionals treating Medicare and Medicaid patients in nursing homes to hospitals and all other healthcare facilities, including home care.

“The time to wait is over,” the president said, estimating that the strategy would affect about 100 million Americans, or two-thirds of the workforce.

Biden pointed to booster shots as an important way to keep vaccinated Americans protected from the coronavirus. “We believe boosters are likely to offer the highest level of protection ever,” said a government doctor.

The government purchased the booster shots needed to give Americans a third shot, and he said the federal government was “ready to manage them as soon as they were licensed.” rice field.

It’s still unclear when the booster shot will be open to the public, Mr. Biden on Thursday. Repeated the administration’s oath It won’t offer additional shots until federal regulators endorse the proposal.

Last week, federal health officials told the White House: Scale back This month, he said he plans to provide a booster shot of the coronavirus to the general public, and that their agency needed more time to collect and confirm all the necessary data.

Biden has announced a series of measures aimed at preventing the coronavirus from spreading to schools and infecting children under the age of 12 who are not yet vaccinated.

For his parents, he urged them to ensure that children over the age of 12 were vaccinated. For the state, he urged school staff and teachers to require vaccination.

Mr Biden also said that nearly 300,000 educators working in federally run school programs need to be vaccinated.

“Approximately 90 percent of school staff and teachers are vaccinated,” he said. “It needs to be 100 percent.”

Vaccines for children under the age of 12 have not been approved, but the president said he continued to support the Food and Drug Administration to approve the vaccine “as safely and quickly as possible.”

The president also condemned the efforts of elected officials, including: Florida Governor Ron DeSantis People dismantling the local Maskman date. Many of them apply to schools. Biden said the Ministry of Education is moving to take legal action against these efforts, and the federal government promises to compensate educators whose wages have been withheld “by doing the right thing.” bottom.

“Currently, local school officials are trying to keep their children safe in a pandemic while the governor chooses to fight them,” he said. “I’ll talk about bullying at school.”

As part of an extensive effort to enhance the affordability and availability of testing, the president said his administration would work with retailers such as Amazon and Walmart to reduce the cost of Covid-19 rapid testing at home. He said he cooperated.

The proposal includes spending nearly $ 2 billion to buy about 300 million quick tests for community health centers, food banks, and schools. This “provides free and convenient access to all Americans, regardless of income.”

He also said the Transportation Security Administration would impose double fines on travelers who refused to wear masks.

“If you violate the rules, be prepared to pay,” Biden said.

The president has expanded the loan program run by the Small and Medium Business Administration, and as the coronavirus is dysfunctional, small business owners hire, retain, buy inventory, and even debt. A job that said it would allow you to borrow money at a low interest rate to repay.

Biden said the economy is now averaging 700,000 new jobs a month, but said the recovery is still going on.

“The United States is in much better shape than it was seven months before I took office, but we are in a difficult situation and it could last for a while,” he said.

The president also outlined measures to address increasing infectious diseases and hospitalizations, including strengthening support for overweight hospitals and speeding up new treatments.

In addition to the medical team already deployed by the federal government, Biden said he would deploy a “response team” that includes experts from many government agencies “to stop the Covid-19 epidemic.”

The president also vowed to increase the availability of treatments tested and recommended by doctors, including increasing shipments of monoclonal antibodies.

Biden Vaccine Push: What You Need to Know

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