Biden vows to tell Putin “what is the red line” at the Geneva summit

US President Joe Biden and Russian President Vladimir Putin meet in Geneva on Wednesday to hold talks aimed at stopping the rapid decline in relations between the two countries, which are plagued by mutual distrust. ..

In the first face-to-face encounter as a leader, the president will address accusations, complaints and accusations against each other, including those alleged. Russian cyber attacks And election interference, U.S. sanctions Against the Kremlin’s fears of NATO’s military expansion in Moscow and Eastern Europe.

Another stimulus of the relationship is the torn arms control agreement, War in Ukraine And in Moscow Imprisonment of opposition activists Alexei Navalny leaves some obvious areas of cooperation.

Biden described Putin as a “worthy enemy” prior to the meeting and said he would reveal “what is the red line” to Russian leaders. Russia is trying to promote a wedge of solidarity across the Atlantic, and the United States has experienced an increase in malicious cyber activity, he added.

“If Putin chooses, he will reveal that there are areas in which he can cooperate,” Biden said in Brussels on Monday. “And if he chooses not to cooperate and acts as in the past with respect to cybersecurity and other activities, we will respond. We will respond in kind.”

According to the Kremlin, the summit at Villa Lagrange in the 18th century on the shores of Lake Geneva could start at 1:00 pm local time and last for as long as five hours, including breaks and discussions between the two delegations. there is.

The president meets in two forms. One is a small group that includes the US Secretary of State and the Russian Foreign Minister, and the other meets in a larger environment.

Biden traveled to a Swiss city after spending a week in Europe Encounter with G7, EU and NATO ally. Responses to the threat posed by Russia were constantly raised in talks with Western leaders. On Wednesday, the EU warned in a foreign policy document about the “negative spiral” of EU-Russia relations.

The President of the United States said he was grateful to the world leaders for hosting the summit. Criticizing Give Putin a diplomatic victory.

Moscow has sought to downplay expectations for a major breakthrough in the talks. Analysts on both sides suggested that the conference could at least mark the lowest point of the post-Cold War era in bilateral relations by simply holding it.

Putin’s diplomatic adviser Yuri Ushakov described the relationship between Moscow and Washington as “disastrous.” “I think both sides understand that it’s time to start working on this pile of unprocessed material,” he told a Russian news agency.

Both the White House and the Kremlin have stated that they will focus on arms control, cybersecurity and climate change. The United States wants to discuss human rights, cooperation with Iran and Afghanistan, and Washington’s support for Ukraine’s territorial integrity, where Russia gathered 100,000 troops earlier this year.

Kremlin officials said the talks were also Potential exchange The number of citizens in each other’s prisons.

The ambassadors to both countries left earlier this year after a series of events prompted by Biden, who agreed with the interviewer that Putin was a “murderer.” The two ambassadors are expected to return to the Moscow and Washington posts after the summit, according to three people familiar with the plan.

He responded to Russia’s request for post-conference diplomatic choreography (which may suggest a melting of the relationship), but Biden will hold a single press conference rather than co-starring with Putin.

In 2018, Donald Trump held a joint press conference with Putin, with US leaders appearing to be on the side of Russian leaders over his own intelligence community.

Biden vows to tell Putin “what is the red line” at the Geneva summit

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