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Biden warns that a variant of Omicron will enter the United States but will not panic

President Joe Biden has a variant of Omicron coronavirus He entered the United States and told the public not to panic about the possibility, which would cause concern.

Biden provided updates on the new Covid variant that was first identified in South Africa last week: “The day the World Health Organization identified the new variant, I took immediate steps to limit travel from South African countries. It slows down Omicron, it cannot be prevented. ”

“Sooner or later, cases of this new variant will be seen here in the United States. You need to face this new threat, just as you did before.”

He said his administration would fight and defeat this variant with scientific and knowledgeable behavior.

The president quoted Chief Medical Advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci as saying that the current vaccine provides at least some protection against new variants, and boosters believe that the protection will be significantly enhanced.

“I don’t think any additional measures will be needed yet, but to prepare as needed, my team has already worked with Pfizer, Modana, Johnson & Johnson staff to vaccinate as needed. And boosters have an emergency response plan. “

Biden also instructed the FDA and CDC to approve such vaccines and use the fastest processes available to bring them to market as needed.

He announced Thursday that his administration would propose a detailed strategy outlining how to fight Covid this winter — with broader vaccinations, boosters, tests, etc., rather than shutdowns and blockages.

Biden compared the situation in the United States at the beginning of December with where the country was last Christmas.

“Last Christmas, less than 1 percent of American adults were vaccinated. This Christmas, that number will be over 71 percent, including over 86 percent of the elderly.”

“Last Christmas, our children were at risk without vaccines. This Christmas, there are safe and effective vaccines for children over the age of 5 and more than 19 million children. Are vaccinated. ”

“Last year, the majority of schools were closed. This year, 99 percent of our schools are open,” Biden said.

Despite the relatively good conditions, the pandemic remains strong in different parts of the country.

According to the latest data from Johns Hopkins University, the 208745 new cases reported on Monday increased the total number of Covid infections in the United States to 48,440,107.

This is the highest number of daily infections recorded since January.

With the death of Covid in 1963 on the same day, the total number of people killed by the pandemic was 778,653.

Michigan reported the most cases-27,734-Florida recorded the most Covid deaths-391.

So far, 39,032,255 people have recovered from the country’s illness.

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Biden warns that a variant of Omicron will enter the United States but will not panic

Source link Biden warns that a variant of Omicron will enter the United States but will not panic

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