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Washington DC-Presidential election Joe Biden turned 78 on Friday. Within two months, he will seize the reins of a politically collapsed country facing the worst public health crisis of the century, high unemployment and the calculation of racial injustice.

While he is tackling those issues, Biden attempts to accomplish another feat: showing the Americans that he is only a few years old, he is left to work.

Biden will be sworn in as the oldest president in the history of the country, replacing Ronald Reagan, who left the White House in 1989 when he was 77 and 349 days old.

The age and health of both Biden and President Donald Trump (Biden’s juniors are less than four years) through races determined by younger and more diverse voters, and the moment the country is not facing a lack of consequential issues. Was approaching.

Outside the gate, Biden will be keen to show that he has the vitality to serve.

Ross Baker, a political scientist at Rutgers University and a political scientist at Rutgers University, is a member of both parties. “He needs to build a relationship of trust with the American people who are physically and mentally engaged in their work.”

Throughout the campaign, 74-year-old Trump did not miss an opportunity to highlight Biden’s shortcomings, arguing that the Democratic Party lacked the spiritual acuity to lead the country. Critics and some Biden supporters worried that he was sending the wrong message about stamina by maintaining a relatively light public schedule while Trump was raiding a fierce state. Did. Biden considered his light schedule cautious during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some of Biden’s rivals in the Democratic Preliminary Election are someone in Biden and Trump’s generation who is appropriate to lead a country that addresses issues such as climate change and racism while skipping Trump’s Vitriol. Inequality also claimed about age by raising the question of whether there is.

Brian Otto, a communications professor at Missouri State University who studies presidential rhetoric, said Biden was hardly impressive as an election campaigner, but much more in his public remarks since the election day. He said it proved to be effective.

Biden’s victory speech was inspirational, Ott said, and his empathy was demonstrated in a hypothetical discussion he had with frontline healthcare professionals earlier this week. He said the experience of the president-elect (a combination of age and politics for nearly 50 years) is more clearly communicated through the prism of governance than the turmoil of the campaign.

“Unlike campaign rhetoric, governance rhetoric is cooperative rather than hostile,” Ott said.

Biden’s older age also puts more emphasis on the quality of his staff, Baker said. His choice of Senator Kamala Harris, who is more than 20 years younger than him, because his running mate effectively acknowledged his age issue. Biden described himself as an interim president, but did not deny his candidacy for the second term.

“He has helped inform her that she is ready to go from day one,” Baker said of Harris. “She needs to appear in the images coming out of the White House. They also need to emphasize that she is included in the important issues and discussions that are happening in the White House from a message perspective. There is. “

In an interview with CNN in September, Biden promised to be “fully transparent” on all aspects of his health if elected, but he didn’t say how to do it. ..

The campaign claimed that Biden was not your average addict.

His doctor, Dr. Kevin O’Connor, said in a medical report released during the December campaign that Biden was “healthy and lively, worthy of successfully performing his duties … Chief of State. , Including the head of state. ” State and Commander-in-Chief. “

O’Connor reported that Biden works five days a week. The president-elect told supporters that during the pandemic he relied on home training, including perotonbikes, treadmills, and weights.

In 1988, Biden suffered from two life-threatening cerebral aneurysms. The experience I wrote in his memoirs shaped him “like the human being I want to be.” O’Connor also reported that Biden’s heartbeat was irregular, but did not require medication or other treatment. He also removed the gallbladder in 2003.

In a September article by a group of researchers from the Journal on Active Aging, Biden and Trump are both “superagers,” living longer than their American contemporaries and staying healthy beyond the end of their next presidential term. I concluded that it is likely to be.

Edward Franz, presidential historian at the University of Indianapolis, said some of Biden’s White House predecessors left a breadcrumb trail about what should and shouldn’t show the president’s vitality. It was.

Reagan confirmed that the public saw him chopping wood and riding a horse. Trump returned to his busy campaign schedule shortly after being diagnosed with the coronavirus-held dozens of crowded rallies in the battlefield states during the last week of the campaign. These events ignored the coronavirus guidelines for social distance, wearing masks, and avoiding large gatherings.

In 1841, William Harrison, 68, sought to show off his vitality by giving a long inaugural speech without a coat or hat. A few weeks later, Harrison, who was elected the oldest president in US history at the time, caught a cold, suffered from pneumonia, and killed him in just one month after becoming president. It is argued whether Harrison’s illness was related to his inauguration speech.

Biden who turned 78 Friday will be first president to serve in his 80s Source link Biden who turned 78 Friday will be first president to serve in his 80s

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