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Joe Biden’s domestic agenda remained balanced on Monday as the president and Democratic leaders tried to bring the party together. delivery Review of the biggest government priorities in decades.

From the White House, Biden continued to talk to lawmakers. After receiving the Covid-19 booster shot, he told reporters: [government funding] Resolution and two laws. “

In Congress, Democratic leaders are working to avoid government closures and defaults, while winning $ 3.5 trillion in one of these laws, Weiden’s tax and spending package, to beat the rest of the legislators. I considered how to reduce the price tag of.

The House of Representatives was scheduled to convene only late in the afternoon, with a vote on Thursday for a second bill, a bipartisan $ 1 trillion infrastructure bill.

“we [all] “The country will be in great shape,” Biden said.

The Senate held a test vote on Monday and took comprehensive steps to maintain government funding and avoid unprecedented defaults beyond Friday.

The bill was blocked by Republicans who refused to vote. Democratic Party Despite the Democratic Party’s doing so under the Trump administration, the time when Republican tax cuts were added to national debt at the debt cap.

Senator Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer continued to negotiate a spending proposal that had been withdrawn from $ 3.5 trillion to beat the senators and moderate senators who rejected the price tag. Tax increases for businesses and the wealthy people who pay for them.

Democratic moderates and progressives are at odds over whether to prioritize spending packages or infrastructure transactions. Pelosi announced Thursday’s vote on infrastructure in a letter late Sunday.

Josh Gottheimer of New Jersey, who led the house moderation to secure a vote on the infrastructure bill, said on Sunday that he was optimistic that both bills could be resolved this week.

Biden’s spending plan will provide an extension of existing health, education and childcare programs, along with new federal government efforts to curb climate change. But it has to go through a settlement. This is a budgetary measure that means a simple majority is needed.

Republicans are uniformly opposed to Biden’s proposal. Biden’s proposal is to raise the tax rate for companies with an annual income of $ 5 million or more, and raise the maximum tax rate for companies with an annual income of $ 400,000 or more from 37% to 39.6%, and for couples to $ 450,000. Will be paid. ..

Democrats are under pressure in the Senate. The Chamber of Commerce is divided into 50-50 and is managed by the vote of Vice President Kamala Harris. Two Democratic moderates, Joe Manchin in West Virginia and Kyrsten Cinema in Arizona, said they wouldn’t support the $ 3.5 trillion spending bill. Manchin suggested $ 1tn to $ 1.5tn.

When asked at ABC on Sunday if the final number on the bill was “slightly less” than $ 3.5 trillion, Pelosi said:

“You can see how the numbers are decreasing and what you need,” she said. “I think even those who want a smaller number support the president’s vision. This is truly transformative.”

Pelosi and Schumer face the most difficult challenges of their parliamentary career. Progressive has said it has compromised enough on Biden’s high bills and has fallen from $ 6 trillion, but some have acknowledged more potential changes. On Sunday, Plumira Jayapal, Washington, who heads Parliamentary Progressive Caucus, did not rule out additional cuts.

“If someone wants to take something out, they have to ask what it is,” she told CBS.

Pelosi has suggested that an agreement could be reached this week, depending on the Senator’s ruling. But the stubborn difference remains. Among them are the divisions that need to be restructured, such as how to drive towards cleaner energy and how to reduce the cost of prescription drugs.

Republicans say the proposal isn’t necessary and can’t afford given federal debt in excess of $ 28 trillion. They also argue that it reflects the Democratic Party’s willingness to insert government into people’s lives.

Biden’s agenda hangs in balance as Democrats negotiate spending bills | US Domestic Policy

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