Biden’s appointment should prioritize workplace protection, employee relationships

Americans across the country sighed in relief when Joe Biden, the presidential election, took the stage to address the country on Saturday, November 7. Finally, we were all able to turn off the news from time to time. Rest assured that in the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, leaders will act in the best interests of public health. After four years of mismanagement, gas lights, and anti-worker prejudice, federal employees didn’t have to work under the thumbs of the administration, which tried to undermine their work at every stage.

On behalf of the 26,000 employees in field offices, workload support units, and teleservice centers, we are ready for a new day of leadership at the Social Security Administration. The appointment of the next Secretary of Social Security will not only set the direction for workplace management at SSA for the next four years, but will be permanent to millions of Americans who rely on the services we provide. It has a great effect.

As President Biden’s team of advisors begins the transition process, SSA employees believe that candidates for the next committee must meet basic-level standards in order to successfully guide our agency. ..

First, the following commissioners basically need to respect the dignity of their work. This means that every labor is worthwhile and every SSA employee deserves respect from fellow management. President Biden spoke well about the dignity of work on the campaign trail and pledged to “guarantee that workers are treated with dignity and receive the wages, benefits and workplace protection they deserve.”

In the age of COVID-19, the right to adequate workplace protection is especially important. Just last April, social security employees fought and won for the right to work remotely in the new coronavirus epidemic. Commissioner Andrew Sole, who deprived him of his right to work remotely in 2019, actively fought this basic employee protection despite the imminent threat to public health and safety. When the agency admits, management spends months ignoring the fact that employees have improved their performance from home safety more than ever, returning people to the office and maintaining current high production levels. Employees who refused to work with the union in a thoughtful approach to.

The SSA Commissioner oversees the work of 55,000 employees nationwide. The following commissioners openly promise to act in the best interests of public health, and as long as COVID-19 is prevalent in us, they will take us from the safety and security of their homes. A country that must guarantee its employees that it can continue to fulfill the mission of its institution.

Finally, the next member must promise a frank and honest dialogue with the union to ensure that our concerns are heard and respected. In addition, this commitment must be met through the management of all levels of SSA. For too long, our employees have been ignored and weakened by management who have been granted permission by the Trump administration to despise them and refuse to negotiate with us about their basic rights. It was.

Corruption is at stake in the SSA under Deputy Secretary Andrew Sole and David Black. Finally, it’s time to see the commitment to the agency-employee relationship being badly overlooked.

While it is important to check these attributes with the following agency commissioners, employees across the federal government face fundamental barriers to exercising our rights. In four years. Unlike brothers and sisters in the private sector, federal employees do not have the right to strike. We must resolve disputes with our institutions through FSIP and ultimately FLRA.President Trump piled up FSIP with the most extreme partisan group in 21 yearsst century. For all federal officials, President Biden should appoint a legal adviser to FLRA and replace both FLRA and FSIP political appointees with thoughtful and nonpartisan panelists.

The previous mission of President Biden is formidable. Not only does he need to reorganize the federal government to serve the American people again, but he also has to rebuild it after President Trump has driven it to the ground. We are encouraged by President Biden’s commitment to working people and sincerely hope that our vision for the next Social Security Administration will be clear.

Ralph de Juliis is chairman of the AFGE Council 220, which oversees social security personnel at telecommunications centers and field offices nationwide.

Biden’s appointment should prioritize workplace protection, employee relationships

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