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Riverside, California 2021-11-24 20:24:16 –

Petronila, Texas — Many of us are frustrated when trying to send emails and texts, but the strength of the Internet alone is not enough.

Or, if so, it may take some time.

Ryan Gonzalez is a student at Coastal Bend College in Petronilla and faces the same problem with the strength of the internet.

“I still have problems submitting assignments and loading the actual website,” he said.

He said it’s common to have “three bars” or services, but in an instant, those three bars can go down to two or one. He said it has been a continuing problem since he moved to Petronilla a year ago, even after having his internet provider check his service. It was also a problem when he lived in Mathis.

“It’s not that different, but there are probably some internet providers out there, because I don’t know, but it’s far away,” he said. It’s not very good”

According to the National Center for Educational Statistics, about a quarter of Texas does not have the internet.

President Joe Biden’s infrastructure bill, which recently signed the law, is spending $ 65 billion on high-speed Internet in rural areas.

The issue is also endorsed by US Congressman Michael Cloud (Republican District 27), but he said he disagrees with Biden’s approach.

He said the law would be too high because the country is in debt and there is currently high inflation.

The law allocates grants to states, and Cloud said it will support the process of applying for those grants.

He also said that bringing the Internet to local communities can help some people doing business.

“Many businesses are doing online today, and being able to do it quickly is very important. Efficiency is very important,” says the cloud.

At Driscoll, Marcos Zavala, owner of MZ Auto Repair, said he doesn’t have the internet because he can’t afford it. He said having the internet can help him market his business and bring people from Corpus Christi to his business.

“I can’t afford it now,” he said. I am 62 years old I am now reporting my social security, so I have to live what I can. “

Biden’s bill bringing Internet to rural communities Source link Biden’s bill bringing Internet to rural communities

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