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Joe Manchin American families are worried that if the government oversees them, they will be spoiled. West Virginia Senator is in talks over the Buildback Better Act (BBBA), the Biden administration’s drastic social spending bill ready to pass budget adjustments. Reportedly He warned the Biden administration and progressive Democrats that the bill was too big. The buildback better method is already shrinking. The Biden administration initially proposed $ 3.5 trillion in social spending, but negotiations have dramatically reduced it to $ 2.2 trillion. The reduction already means that Biden is likely to fail to meet some of his campaign promises. This is expected to bring bad news to the Democratic Party in the midterm elections next year.

But for Manchin, and other Conservative Democrats who agree with him, that’s still too much money. Instead, Manchin wants to spend only $ 1.5 trillion – at best. According to Manchin, the danger is that if Biden’s agenda is completely passed, the United States will “Qualified society“.

At issue for Manchin is BBBA funding for programs designed to support working women and their families. The bill is considered as a way to reduce the financial burden of parenting in individual households and to support working mothers, putting money in family pockets and keeping infant parents in the labor force between them. The child is small, offering a series of options to help. There is a popular child tax credit extension, and there are monthly checks up to $ 300 per child already paid to most American families. I have money for paid family vacation. This allows the United States to join the country by requiring employees to take paid leave after they become parents or when caring for their sick relatives. There are also funding for early childhood education programs, including a two-year Universal Pre-K and childcare grants. After investigating this strong investment in the family, Manchin decided it was too much and reportedly told the Democrats that he would not vote on a bill that included all the programs. He wants them to choose only one.

This is a scary idea. To suggest that only one of these important programs should be invested in betraying the misunderstanding, or perhaps indifference, of the care crisis facing working families.

If workers do not pay vacations, family illness and the birth of children can drive them out of the workforce and into poverty. Lack of paid leave is usually at the expense of women’s careers, as domestic and long-term care work is biased towards women.

Many of them also hurt women’s careers with lacking centers and months of waiting lists when parents are not raising affordable children, and due to market failures in the childcare sector. Is exerting.

The lack of access to affordable pre-kindergartens in most parts of the country means that poor rural children are at a disadvantage when entering kindergarten. Widen the gap in economic inequality that is already yawning. And it also hurt my parents. Without a pre-kindergarten, it would be even more difficult for parents, especially mothers, to get a job when their children are small.

Finally, child tax credits were essential to protect working families from poverty and to give them the money they needed to spend where they needed it most.

These are not individual problems that can be solved one at a time. These are interrelated catastrophes associated with decades of underinvestment in working families and a habitual misconception about the role of childcare and early childhood education in the country’s economic prosperity. For older male senators, it may be easier to declare these investments bloated and unnecessary, or to rebuke progressives for being too generous. But for working mothers whose lives and careers have been particularly devastated by pandemics, these government investments are not a decadent luxury. They are delayed responses to long-lasting emergencies.As sociologist Joanna Pepin said New York Times: “Choosing one policy is like putting out a fire in one room of a house surrounded by flames and then stopping.”

Moreover, the conservative assessment of the high cost of implementing these policies is short-sighted and short-sighted, especially in the context of how much it costs Americans to not have them. Seems like.Study by University of New Hampshire It turns out that more than a quarter of families with young children struggle to cover the costs. This probably increased as pandemic closures and the financial burden of day care centers reduced supplies and raised prices.Childcare costs do not include estimates $ 35 billion A year in which parents lose wages and work opportunities when childcare responsibilities drive them out of work. Even now, when the pandemic enters its third year, 1 in 4 women The unemployed say that responsibility for long-term care is part of the reason.

When women can’t work, they can’t make money: they can support their families, save them for their future, and ensure better results for their children. You can’t even spend their money in their community. The money the government spends to foster the careers of these workers and the education of their children is the money that comes back as their families become more productive, spending more and more opportunities. These programs are investments, not distributions to women and families. And investment in female workers will always be rewarded. Instead of throwing women working for political convenience under the bus Joe Biden And Congressional Democrats still have the opportunity to make that wise investment. Expect them to make the right choice.

Biden’s budget can change the lives of working women.Don’t let Manchin have it built in | Moiradnegan

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