Biden’s commitment to US foreign policy on democracy is questioned

Shortly after taking office, Joe Biden promised to reorient US foreign policy, “better linking our democratic values ​​with our diplomatic leadership.”

This was part of Washington’s global role, support for human rights, and efforts to set it apart in the Trump era, which downgraded cooperation with democratic allies. While Donald Trump’s “America First” policy included an unprecedented outreach to dictatorial leaders, Biden took US moral leadership to protect democracy around the world. Suggested to reestablish.

Belarusian leader Alexander Lukashenko has questioned Biden’s commitment to putting democratic values ​​at the core of US foreign policy. Foreclosure breaking civil aviation norms Has an opposition activist.

Late Friday, the United States said it was joining the EU to create a broader list of measures against Lukashenko’s administration and plan its own new sanctions, and took action to punish Minsk for its brazen actions. Woke up.

But critics were slow and hesitant about the White House’s response to one of Biden’s most amazing human rights abuses-a few days after a quick move from Brussels-and with the Russian president. By agreeing to the high-profile summit, the wounds were exacerbated. Vladimir Putin.

“In Soviet and, of course, Russian tradition, a summit meeting with the US President is better than anything else,” said Leon Aaron, Russian director of the Conservative American Enterprise Institute. I installed it at home.

A senior government official admitted that the White House was forced to strike a balance between efforts to reassert the principles of democracy around the world and more practical considerations.

“Of course, there are sometimes trade-offs in terms of national emergencies to tackle for this administration,” the official told the Financial Times.

However, the officials disputed the claim that Belarus is part of a major trend to stop promoting the principles of democracy abroad: China, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Ethiopia Elsewhere, officials argued that the administration took a principle-based position on human rights.

Especially after President Lukashenko’s power struggle, the Biden Putin summit will be even more watched for signs that the US president will maintain his commitment to impose democratic values.

Andrea Prasou of Human Rights Watch said that if Biden did not use the meeting to send a strong human rights message, it would be a “great disappointment.” Remains in prison after allegations by Russian intelligence agencies attempting to kill him.

Despite these actions, the Byden administration not only allowed Europeans to take the lead in Belarusian punishment for intercepted aircraft. Nord Stream 2, Russian gas pipeline project preferred by President Putin to avoid German anger.

Aaron said he agreed to Summit meeting with Putin His disregard for human rights at home and abroad is a serious policy error, especially when the Russian president is fighting domestic protests against sluggish popularity, sluggish economic growth and the treatment of Navalny. It was a mistake. “For them, the conference is proof that they are respected and feared,” he said.

A senior government official said Mr Biden would have a “harsh” conversation with Mr Putin on human rights and democracy and did not consider the talks a concession. However, officials acknowledged that the event could be a hostage to Russia’s “spin.”

“Of course, he intends to use it for what he gets from it, in terms of domestic verification,” the official said of Putin.

Efforts to push a more principled approach to Russia are due to many security priorities, including the withdrawal of US troops from Afghanistan, strategic arms control, the resurgence of Iran’s nuclear trade, and climate policy. Ran into the real reality of needing Kremlin.

Andrew Wyeth, a former Russian director of the National Security Council, said previous administrations faced similar constraints. In 2014, after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the Obama administration sought to block high-level contact with Moscow, but during the Syrian crisis, when Russia began to play a major role in supporting the president. “Begins to collapse”. Bashar al-Assad — The following year, bilateral involvement was called for.

“The Biden administration has decided that it is necessary to contact the Kremlin directly,” said Weiss, adding that sanctions against Belarus would be ineffective and risk bringing the administration closer to Moscow.

In a rhetorical way, Mr. Biden took a harsher attitude than Barack Obama and Mr. Trump did in the early days of his inauguration and told interviewers that he considered Putin a “murderer” in the United States. Biden met with Putin in 2011 as Vice President.I remembered what he said to him later No soul..

Still, critics said Biden sanctioned Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman following the announcement of U.S. intelligence that Belarus’ reaction led to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Claims to be part of a pattern that includes not imposing.

“Perhaps the most disappointing part of these cases is the idea that promoting human rights does not always benefit the United States,” said Mr. Praso, who did not detain Israel in this month’s attack on Gaza. The failure was that human rights “frustrated on the way in favor of other so-called US interests.”

Biden took office with a solid track record in promoting human rights and democracy, and during his time as Vice President, he sometimes argued with more “realist” officials at Obama’s White House.

However, Biden’s National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan, who also worked for the Obama administration, recently told FT that Biden always believes that US foreign policy is in control. “Enlightened selfishness”In parallel with the pursuit of greater common interests, we have a “naked” self-interest to serve the American middle class.

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Biden’s commitment to US foreign policy on democracy is questioned

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