Biden’s package has been cut by 40% to $1.9 trillion – Tampa, Florida

Tampa, Florida 2021-10-21 18:41:25 –

Joe Biden has been forced to compromise on his “Build Back Better” agenda.

Initially, President Biden wanted a $ 3.2 trillion economic and climate package.

But Republicans didn’t participate-and some Democrats said the price tag was too high.

Biden has now cut about 40% of the bill and new price tags have come in at $ 1.9 trillion.

The free tuition community college has ended, childcare and senior home care programs have been reduced by almost 50%, and green energy initiatives have been reduced.

“Many Democratic Caucus have sought a fairly large sought to potentially regulate their business towards less carbon production, less atmospheric CO2, and a professor of political science at the University of Denver. Seth Masquette said.

He says the cut is being driven by a man, Senator Joe Manchin.

Democrat Manchin is about to be reelected in West Virginia. West Virginia is the state that voted 30 points for the Republican Party in the last presidential election.

He says he only supports the $ 1.5 trillion bill. He also opposes many green energy programs that will affect his base.

“This is an area that Joe Manchin has pointed out that he doesn’t want to be included in the bill, especially because much of West Virginia’s economy depends on coal,” Muskin said.

Other programs have survived the budgeting process. The Build Back Better bill includes billions of dollars for housing, universal pre-kindergarten, and paid family vacations.

“If you’re not raising children, parents can’t go to work. Workers need paid family medical leave, so the country has a care infrastructure that is in desperate need of repair,” the law said. Hannah Matthews, who works at the Social Policy Center, said.

She says these provisions are essential to help solve the labor shortage.

“Compared to before the pandemic, more than 2 million women are still absent from work and cannot return without childcare. They cannot return without paid family medical leave,” says Matthews. It’s just an unacceptable country, as we’ve been doing for decades. “

Remember how quickly these discussions progress.

The president is eager to pass the bill by the end of the year.

Biden’s package has been cut by 40% to $1.9 trillion Source link Biden’s package has been cut by 40% to $1.9 trillion

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