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(CNN) —Bidens is back for many years Thanksgiving A family tradition dating back to 1975, choosing to spend this year’s dinner in Nantucket, Massachusetts.

2017 memoirs, “Can you promise me, dad,” Biden I have written The Thanksgiving was the first holiday he and his current wife Jill spent together.

The couple and Biden’s two boys, Hunter and Bo, had several invitations to Thanksgiving at the time. But Biden realized that “no matter which family we choose (to spend our vacation together), it will hurt someone’s feelings. It’s Jill or the last thing I wanted to do. It was. “

“I was in the Senate office one day that fall and explained this plight to my Chief of Staff,” he said, “what you need is a nuclear Thanksgiving.” Means only the nuclear family. Biden wrote that he was actually saying “nuclear-oh Thanksgiving” because the only man in Boston was Wes Berthelmes.

“I didn’t know exactly what he was trying to say until he explained that if I and Jill, Bo, and Hunt left alone, it might be the easiest for everyone. Proposed Nantucket Island. It was an hour on the ferry south of Cape Cod. Neither Jill nor I had been there, but we decided to go ahead and adventure it. . “

And a new family tradition has begun — and will continue this Tuesday — President Biden and the First Lady head to the island. They were scheduled to leave on Tuesday night after serving a Thanksgiving meal with chef José Andre at a local Washington, DC non-profit organization.

The original group of four has expanded to include Biden’s spouse and grandchildren.And for years, the family Spots At local holiday events such as turkey trot, lighting the town’s Christmas tree, and attending a cold turkey plunge.

Whether it’s a great year or a poor year, Biden wrote to “Don’t promise me, dad,” “We set it all aside and celebrated Thanksgiving in Nantucket.” Its annual trek to Massachusetts “has been constant in the lives of our grandchildren from the time they noticed, and they have revealed how meaningful it is to them,” he said. Said.

That tradition did not stop when Biden became Vice President during the Obama administration. But instead of a long drive north, the second family traveled via Air Force Two.

The family chose not to visit Nantucket for Thanksgiving, which took place about six months after Beau Biden’s death.Instead, the second lady of the time, Jill Biden Choice To take my family to Rome for a vacation.

Along with many Biden family traditions in Nantucket (such as taking pictures of the family every year at the recently swept Sconset Beach House), Bo proposes to his future wife in the town’s 2001 Christmas tree lighting. And married her at a downtown church.

The president also wrote in his memoirs that Bo’s health was becoming a source of concern, and his sons used a Nantucket trip to urge him to run for president in 2016.

“I knew there were many reasons not to run, and the uncertainty about Bo’s health was at the top. And my sons I came to appreciate and trust. But I really suspected that I didn’t want to expose my family to the trials of the presidential election right now, “Biden wrote.

“Dad, you’re all wrong,” Bo said when we settled down in Nantucket’s kitchen. “You have to run. I want you to run.” The hunter agreed: “We want you to run,” he continued.

In 2020, the Bidens also chose not to visit Nantucket for a large family gathering at Thanksgiving due to the ongoing pandemic of Covid-19. Instead, he and his wife spent their vacation at home near Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, with their daughter Ashley and son-in-law Howard Klein.

“For the first time, the last Thanksgiving was only four people, my wife and I, my daughter and my son-in-law,” he said at the beginning of November. “Late later this month, vaccines will fill our table and our hearts.”

Despite his annual visit, Biden does not own a home on the island. It is not clear where the family will stay.

The president’s visit is expected to have a large security footprint, but so far, local governments appear to be largely undisturbed by the attention-grabbing arrivals.

Tom Rafter, who oversees the operation of Nantucket Memorial Airport, said Told the Boston Globe Each of his 34 full-time employees is at hand to welcome Air Force 1 next week.

But he added, “I mean, I’ve visited Cardassian in the past, so the island is used to this kind of thing.”

To celebrate this week’s Thanksgiving, the President and the First Lady Visit military service members and their families In Fort Bragg, North Carolina.

And before leaving for Massachusetts, the President and First Lady will join a service project with a second family in Washington, DC on Tuesday.

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