Biden’s victory is sealed despite continued venting and threats from Trump – Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky

Lexington-Fayette, Kentucky 2020-12-10 07:57:16 –

Washington — As President Donald Trump continues to push his argument that voting is wrong against him, government and democratic institutions are mercilessly moving towards President Joe Biden.

“The ship has set sail,” as a judge in the US District Court said this week that he filed a proceeding against Biden’s victory in Michigan.

Trump refuses to admit that fact and vows to push his challenge forward. On Wednesday, Trump tweeted a call to “#OVERTURN” about the outcome of the election and continued to tweet an unfounded claim that he was the winner.

However, Biden is firmly on track to become president on January 20, after winning a decisive majority of the electoral votes.

As of Tuesday, all states have confirmed the outcome of the election. This is a process known as a “safe harbor”. Once Biden’s victory is recognized, the Electoral College will officially approve Biden’s victory on December 14.

The Trump campaign and other Republicans continue to file proceedings in an attempt to overturn election results with widespread fraud allegations. However, none of these proceedings proves a systematic fraud or consequent error in the US voting system.

Trump has also not been helped by the new conservative Supreme Court and the hundreds of federal judges he appointed. His repeated attempts to personally pressure the Michigan and Georgia election authorities to delay certification did not make any sense.

Ultimately, Biden will be pledged on 20 January after winning the votes of 306 Electoral Colleges. This is the number of votes Trump won when he defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, which he calls an overwhelming victory.

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