Big Death After Heart Attack-Premiere Spoiler-Hollywood Life

The first moment of the “And Just Like That …” premiere featured Carrie making a shocking discovery that would change her life forever. Spoilers first!

Life can change in an instant. Carrie Bradshaw knows it directly. NS Sex and the City Resurrection, And like that …, Debuted on December 9th with two new episodes. The first episode ends with a catastrophic twist: a big death.

Carrie goes to Lily’s concert recital, but Big stays behind. Carrie and Big initially planned to go to the Hamptons together, but Carrie decided to support Charlotte and Lily. Big tells Carrie that he intends to stay home and take a Peloton class.

Chris Noth and Sarah Jessica Parker as Big and Carry. (HBO Max)

Big die

When Lily was surprised at the recital, Big was in the middle of Peloton’s power ride. He sent a text message to Carrie that she should go to the Hamptons that night when she returned. After training, going to the shower will hurt my chest. He drops his cell phone and collapses when the water runs. Big phones are out of reach.

After receiving the big text, Carrie doesn’t go out drinking with her friends. She came back to her apartment and felt it was eerily quiet. She calls John.

As Carrie enters the bathroom, she finds Big on the floor.It was as if he wanted to get it At first glance To her before he died. Carrie shouts John’s name and runs to his side. She held Big in her arms and cried as he passed by. Her beloved Manolo Blahnik was ruined in the shower. “And just like that, Big died,” Carrie says in a narration.

In the second episode, Carrie mourns the loss of Big. She will call Miranda immediately. Miranda is in a hurry by Carrie. Miranda arrives just as Big’s body is being removed. “What am I doing now?” Asks the broken Carrie. Miranda hugs Carrie in bed that night. When Carrie closed her eyes, she remembers the first time she saw Big many years ago.

Charlotte helps Carrie plan a big funeral. Charlotte sheds tears at the funeral hall and admits that she feels guilty about sending Carrie to the concert. Carrie tells Charlotte that Big died of a heart attack, and this isn’t her fault.

Samantha sends her love

Carrie arrives at Big’s funeral earlier than anyone else. She noticed that the casket was in bloom. The funeral director wants Carrie to decide the game time and give Carrie a card with flowers. I read the card, “Love, Samantha.” Samantha has fallen with the girls and currently lives in London, but she sends her love to Carrie when she needs it most. Carrie decides to leave the flowers.

Miranda says a few words at Big’s funeral with Big’s brother. Big’s brother, Big told himHappiness like never before In his life. ” Todd Rundgren “Hello It’s Me” will be played during service.

Later, Carrie sends a text message to Samantha to thank the flowers. Then she receives the big ashes in her apartment and calls Miranda and Stanford to help with the deal. Miranda, Stanford and Charlotte take turns staying with Carrie. When Charlotte appears to bring a magazine to Carrie, she immediately notices that Carrie didn’t call her. The injured Charlotte goes away and Carrie asks Charlotte not to do this about her.

Kristin Davis
Kristin Davis as Charlotte. (HBO Max)

Charlotte confesses that she is still very guilty about the concert. Charlotte tells Carrie that there is “no reason” to call Stanford unless she is angry. Carrie admits that she didn’t call because Charlotte was so emotional. Charlotte says Carrie seems very angry, and Carrie doesn’t deny it. She is angry on her own. “Wednesday night I should have gone to the Hamptons with the Big, as I wanted!” Carrie screams.

Charlotte tells Carrie that she can’t blame her for what happened to Big. That night, Carrie has a hard time falling asleep. She asked Miranda for a sleeping pill, but she can’t take it for another five hours. Carrie stays awake for the next five hours while her world finds a new axis. Big is gone and he will never come back. Carrie’s life was on one route, but now that route is unpaved. The future looks very lonely.New episode of And just like that It will premiere on HBO Max on Thursday.

Big Death After Heart Attack-Premiere Spoiler-Hollywood Life

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