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Bigger Big 12: BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston on the way | News – Kansas City, Missouri

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The Big 12 expanded without waiting for Oklahoma and Texas to leave. After adding BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston, the league does not always grow.

“This was a very clear and relatively easy decision for the eight continuing members of the Big 12,” said Texas Tech President Lawrence Schovanek on Friday, unanimously with the group. 4 schools seeking membership After the league learned that Sooners and Longhorns would leave for the Southeastern Conference by July 2025.

Within hours of the Big 12 vote, all four officially accepted the invitation.

There was no sign that Oklahoma and Texas, the only big 12 teams to win the national football championship, were looking for a move until the press was released a week after Big 12 Soccer Media Day in mid-July. .. By August, both had Accepted a formal invitation to join the SEC..

This move has sparked speculation that the Big 12 would soon become a death spiral without its two most famous programs, at least in the revenue-generating football sport. Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has been mostly quiet for the past few weeks as the expansion has begun.

“Speaking on a purely personal level, I work with people I trust, people I like, and people who know I share my values ​​for inter-university athletics. I’m enjoying that, “Boseby said on Friday.

BYU said all sports will start the Big 12 schedule during the athletic season of 2023-24. BYU is an independent football company, but competes in basketball and so-called Olympic sports such as trucking and swimming at the West Coast Conference.

Mr. Boseby said the current American Athletic Conference teams UCF, Cincinnati and Houston will join by July 1, 2024, but said he would “foreclose” the possibility of joining BYU a year ago. I won’t do it. “

The AAC requires that members be notified 27 months in advance if they plan to leave the league, but negotiations may take place between the school and the league to reduce that time. ..

AAC Commissioner Mike Aresco expects Houston, Cincinnati and UCF to “comply with the bylaws of the meeting to ensure a friendly and orderly transition” as the league considers its options. Said.

“Today’s news confirms what we’ve been saying about our status as a power council,” Aresco said. “The irony that three schools are being commissioned instead of two marquee schools leaving the Big 12 is not lost to us. Our conference is designed to address our success. The aim was to exceed expectations with no system. “

Four schools were interviewed in 2016 when Big 12 considered expansion before staying in 10 teams.

Boseby described the process as an “exploration voyage” five years ago, but said the decision to leave Texas and Oklahoma prompted new consideration of the available options.

BYU President Kevin Worsen said the Big 12 expansion five years ago made the process much faster and easier this time around. Cougars athletic director Tom Holmoe said his failure to enter the Big 12 turned out to be the “starting point.”

Longhorns and Sooners respect the current contract with Big 12 and say they have no plans to join the SEC until 2025, when the current television rights contract for the ESPN-Fox conference expires. This means that Big 12 can have up to 14 members in a season or two.

Mr. Boseby said the Big 12 would accept the school to drop out in their own words. “If it turns out not, I feel that I have the necessary legal privileges to manage it, as it seems appropriate at the time it occurs.”

The Big 12 distributed a total revenue of approximately $ 345 million among the 10 members of the 2020-21 school year, which were heavily affected by the pandemic.

Asked about the potential value of media rights in a new conference without Texas and Oklahoma, Boseby didn’t provide specific numbers, but the league added as much as possible in football and definitely already has Ruled men’s national champion Baylor and perennial Power Kansas who said they had added to the best basketball conference in the country.

“I think live sports will always be a valuable product. If you’re playing live sports competing with the best universities with which you can form an alliance, you have the opportunity to move forward and do good things,” he said. Said. ..

Regarding the potential for future expansion, Bosby said the league was ready “if there was a target for the opportunity or if there was a situation instructing us to change the composition.”

With four additions, Big 12 will be spread across eight states and three time zones. There are more than 2,300 miles between Orlando’s Central Florida campus and BYU in Provo, Utah. Once settled in the Big 12, both knights and cougars face an average trip of about 1,300 miles one way for a conference game.

West Virginia is still on average about 1,100 miles one way, but mountaineers have picked up at least a relatively short trip from Morgantown to Cincinnati. Houston faces a much shorter trip for Texas-based enemies.

“Attendance at the Big 12 Conference is a historic step in our organizational journey and represents the tremendous academic and athletic achievement of growth and success over the last decade,” said Houston. Renu Kahtor said.

Even with Texas and Oklahoma gone, half of the league’s 12 charter members remain.

The Big 12 has all the big eight teams (Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Oklahoma) but the old Southwest Conference (Bailer, Texas, Texas A & M, Texas Tech) has 6 teams. Form a new league divided into divisions.

Arkansas left SWC to join the expanded 12-team SEC and began playing in South Carolina in the 1992 season. The SEC is currently set to grow to 16 teams and the last four additions are all from the Big 12.

The Big 12 is of 10 teams since the last significant reorganization 10 years ago, which began with Nebraska going to the Big Ten and Colorado to the Pac-12 before Texas A & M and Missouri left for the SEC. It was a league. Both TCU and West Virginia are currently in their 10th Big 12 season.

With 10 teams, the Big 12 played a round-robin schedule in soccer and basketball. The top two teams in the ranking will advance to the soccer championship at the conference. Boseby acknowledged that the league was likely to be added and returned to the division.


AP College Football Writer Ralph D. Russo contributed to this report.


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Bigger Big 12: BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston on the way | News Source link Bigger Big 12: BYU, UCF, Cincinnati and Houston on the way | News

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