Biggest swell in years hits Oahu’s North Shore – Honolulu, Hawaii

Honolulu, Hawaii 2021-01-17 00:03:13 –

Honolulu (KHON2) — On Saturday, January 16th, most of the state’s north-facing coast was hit by the largest swell in years. Wave height reached about 45 feet and there was a set of about 60 feet on the North Shore of Oahu.

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The life-threatening swell has kept lifeguards busy with the rescue of 89 people and the precautionary measures of 5,170 people.

Many went to Waimea Bay before the sun came out and first glimpsed the big swell.

“This is a spectacular Waimea, a spectacular Waimea,” said Clyde Aikau, a big wave surfer and brother of the legendary Eddie Aikau. “just now, [8 a.m.], It’s about 15-18 feet and will build up to 30 feet Hawaiian. “

“I’m sure this will be the best day in Waimea,” he continued.

He said Eddie would go on Saturday, January 15th. The Aikau family stopped the competition a few months ago due to a pandemic and a large crowd.

By 10 am there were hundreds of people in Waimea Bay
Some people wear masks, others don’t.

“Our family still has guns. People’s safety is first and riding the waves is really second,” he said.

All beaches along the North Shore have caution tapes on them, and lifeguards warn people to stay far from the ocean.

Some of the best surfers had difficulty paddling into the Waimea lineup as the swells continued to grow and get caught inward and washed away by the current white wash. Some were suppressed by some waves and lifeguards had to wait for a huge set to pass to save them.

Even surfers who have been surfing Waimea Bay for decades were in trouble.

“For me, it was on the edge of being too big (to surf),” said Arica Anix. “I’ve been doing this for 30 years and today was the first day I needed ski assistance.”

Another 30-year veteran of the bay said he rescued after looking up at a 60-foot face wave.

“I saved the board, swam under, things crushed me, and I pulled this cord here and inflated this vest for the first time. I had this for 5 years, and I I never felt I had to pull, until then, “said Big Wave surfer Chris Owens.

The waves hit residential areas from Ke Iki to Pipeline, and to Kamehameha Highway in Lanikea, Sunset and Rock Pile.

The high surf warning is valid until 6 pm on Sunday, and another high surf warning is valid on Monday.

Biggest swell in years hits Oahu’s North Shore Source link Biggest swell in years hits Oahu’s North Shore

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