Bill Belichick confirms Cam Newton won’t participate in final OTA practice – Boston, Massachusetts

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Belichick said he didn’t think the injury was serious and didn’t provide details on how Newton’s absence would affect other quarterbacks, including Mac Jones.

Cam Newton. Mary Schwarm / AP

Bill Belichick chased Thursday morning when a reporter asked about the availability of Come Newton in the Patriots’ final OTA practice.

“He’s okay. He doesn’t participate today, but he’s getting better,” the coach said.

And you have it: a slight bone bruise Newton Reportedly suffered from practice last Friday It will keep him away from the Patriots’ last OTA practice. Other reports suggest that the injury could put him aside in a mandatory mini-camp next week. Belichick did not provide a calendar for his return.

But the coach I wasn’t too worried About Newton’s long-term availability. “No,” he replied when asked if he believed his hand injury was serious. “I think he’s okay.”

Newton’s absence is due to rookie first-round Pick Mac Jones and third-year quarterback Jarrett Stydam launching a team attack for a foreseeable future to attract more personnel. Open the door.

However, Belichick did not provide details on how these personnel would be split into the remaining three quarterbacks (Jones, Stydam, Brian Hoyer), and the decision was made by aggressive coordinator Josh Mc I left it to Daniel.

The head coach also refused to reveal details about Jones’ development during this period and what the team expects from new passers-by.

“I think everyone will come,” Belichick generalized. “For those who have never participated in this system, there is a lot of teaching and a lot of guidance … they all work for this system. The Mac works like everyone else.”

Belichick also blamed questions about the overall quarterback competition. I think that good professional players and good soccer players basically have the same idea. It’s about improving your personal performance, getting out there, and doing as much as you can. ”

He reiterated that the team was not yet in the “evaluation” stage with the players, saying it wouldn’t be time for Pad to come next month.

“We are teaching [phase] And we’re trying to get our teams to compete with each other, and before the season, with pre-season opponents, joint practice, or whatever. ” “These are the actual evaluation periods.”

Bill Belichick confirms Cam Newton won’t participate in final OTA practice Source link Bill Belichick confirms Cam Newton won’t participate in final OTA practice

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