Bill Belichick on the Patriots’ unorthodox game plan in win vs. the Bills – Boston, Massachusetts

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“I played like I felt I needed to play to win.”

Patriots-Bill Belichick before the Bills game. Associated Press Photo / Adrian Claus

After coaching the team to win Bills 14-10 at Buffalo on Monday night, Bill Belichick emphasized the level of respect for his AFC East rivals.

“I’m really glad I came here and won. No doubt, Buffalo is a really good soccer team,” Belichick told reporters at a post-match press conference. “They are well-trained and have many excellent players, they play hard and are tough.”

“I’m glad I won the championship. I’m really proud of the players,” Belichick added. “These guys did a good job in all three units. They played as if they felt they needed to play to win. In the end, they got enough points, depending on the situation. There was a lot of football. Most of the time we thought we had dealt with it [it] Pretty well. “

The Patriots took a basic approach to the attack as rookie quarterback Mac Jones threw just three passes throughout the game. New England took advantage of an effective ground game that ran 46 times at 222 yards.

Asked if he had participated in a game with very few pass attempts at the professional, college, and high school levels, Belichick managed to find humor.

“Yeah, I don’t know,” Belichick said before smiling. “I didn’t throw the ball very much in high school.”

The main factor in the game was the weather, which made it difficult to pass and kick both.

Still, the Patriots were able to be efficient — Nick Folk took a 2-2 kick for the New England — Bills couldn’t keep pace. Buffalo kicker Tyler Bass missed a 33-yard field goal in the fourth quarter, reducing Patriots’ lead to one point.

“It was definitely swirling and it was hard to kick up at the closed end on the right side of the bench,” Belichick said.

New England is a very focused game plan with a focus on running games and has been successful with collective blocks from multiple positions.

“Everyone tried to do a really good job. Offensive lines, tight ends, receivers, they were blocking us all day,” Belichick said.

“Obviously, my back worked well,” Belichick said. “Thank you for your hard work. It’s aggressive. As always, Josh made some appropriate tweaks in the running game. It also helped us defensively. We are confident in it. And stuck to it. “

Belichick was asked how he felt about the team sitting 9-4 following seven consecutive victories and was looking forward to the team’s next match against Colts on December 18th. rice field.

“We got a big deal against Indianapolis, and they’re obviously a good football team, so we look at them,” Belichick said. “I’m not really worried about what happened in the past. I’m preparing for Indianapolis. They’re tough and it’s going to be a tough match for us.”

The Patriots will head to the team’s Byweek as AFC’s top seed before clashing with Colts in the 14th week.

Bill Belichick on the Patriots’ unorthodox game plan in win vs. the Bills Source link Bill Belichick on the Patriots’ unorthodox game plan in win vs. the Bills

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