Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates confirm divorce

The divorce between Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates is now final.

A judge in the King County Superior Court in Washington signed a dissolution decision on Monday, ending a 27-year marriage between the influential Bill and the co-founder of the Melinda Gates Foundation, which couple is one of the biggest. The fate of mysterious history left behind details about how it was divided.

Public filings showed that billions of dollars in shares had been transferred to French Gates’ name following the May announcement of the divorce plan.Forbes now Estimate French Gates’ net worth At $ 3.2 billion, it could be much higher.magazine Estimate Gates’ net worth For $ 131 billion.

According to a blue-ink scribbled notation on one of the court’s documents, the separation agreement that decided to split the asset was “not submitted to the court.” For example, it was unclear who would receive 66,000 square feet. Lakefront Estate In the suburbs of Seattle.

The couple’s three children were 18 years of age or older, so no custody arrangements were required. Neither party has requested a formal name change, according to court documents, but French Gates has publicly used her family and marriage names since her divorce.

In contrast, Jeff Bezos and MacKenzie Scott divorced, NS Submission to the Securities and Exchange Commission in detail How Bezos holds three-quarters of the Amazon couple’s stake and Scott holds the rest. This is 4% of the company.

The biggest open question is how divorced couples can work together in their huge charity, or in fact. Both Gates and French Gates claim to continue to represent the Foundation’s common mission in areas such as global health, poverty reduction and gender equality.

last month They announced They donated an additional $ 15 billion to the Foundation, adding an additional $ 50 billion. This has made it the largest private charitable foundation in the world in most cases. Mark Suzuman, CEO of the Gates Foundation, also said the Foundation plans to add new external trustees, a step towards better governance that philanthropic experts have long sought.

At the same time, Suzuman said that if Gates and French Gates found that either could not work together two years later, French Gates would leave the Foundation and agree to receive funding from Gates. Stated. Pursue her own philanthropy.

French Gates signed part of a divorce notice on Friday at the office of Pivotal Ventures, her own organization focused on gender equality and social progress.

Susan C. Beach Contributed to the research.

Bill Gates and Melinda French Gates confirm divorce

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