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Bill is tracking his food and seeing the results

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Bill Kim

“It looks like you chose the wrong week to resume a healthy diet!”

A hilarious running joke from the Lloyd Bridges 1980 movie airplane! I officially started my journey to lose weight and become healthy, so this week it kept coming to my mind. If you had the time to feel stressed and eat or enjoy an adult drink, that might have been the first week of 2021.

But I’m glad to say I didn’t lose the temptation, and the first week ends with success! That doesn’t mean things went perfectly-my exercise plan didn’t work as I expected (or at all)-but I’m celebrating my victory and aiming for improvement next week.

I lost £ 8! I know it’s a big number for a week, and I can’t expect it every week, but still-I lost £ 8! As I said last week, I know how to do this, I need to do it. It’s rewarding to see your efforts pay off.

One of the major factors in weight loss is consistently recording all meals and falling below your daily calorie goal. Everything I eat and drink, even with zero calories, is logged (I’m using the app Lose It !. I think this is perfect for me, but there Has many options). It was when I stopped cutting food that I started gaining weight again. There are several reasons for this. First, recording food gives you a better idea of ​​what you are eating. You will be surprised no matter how much you eat without noticing it. Here’s a snack, there’s chocolate-it’s quickly summed up. It forces me accountability when I record everything.

Recording my food also forces me to be accurate. I like to think that I’m pretty good at seeing what a cup of rice, a 4 ounce steak, or a cup of chips looks like. Interesting fact: I’m not. Jeez. The truth is that we all eat far more food than we are aware of. I couldn’t lose weight without a scale. It’s not flashy, it’s a simple digital scale that tells me how much my serving is in grams or ounces. But it’s absolutely necessary because I can’t trust my eyes and stomach and they deceive me.

Last week I had the opportunity to speak with one of WebMD’s doctors, Dr. Bruni, who specializes in weight loss. She said she really stuck to me. “As we get older, the calories are different, and the calories we burned 10 years ago aren’t as good as they are now,” she said. I did not notice. I thought calories were calories, so the less you consume, the more you lose. But it’s not that simple. I also have to choose what I eat. So it’s great and necessary to record and weigh everything, but now we need to be more vigilant about what we eat, not just how much we eat. It will be a challenge.

So, towards the second week, I not only have to keep doing what I’m doing, but I also have homework. We need to focus more on the quality of the food we eat, not just the quantity. More importantly, I also need to stop making excuses and start exercising! I see my friend Mark getting off to a good start, so knowing he’s crushing it with Peloton is just an ass I need to hit the pavement and start running again It’s a kick! This cheering dad is as good as the softball dad!

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Bill is tracking his food and seeing the results

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