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Bill Neil analyzes the Stealers 2022 draft

:Ten-Don’t worry about those who are enthusiastic fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers, as well as non-believers throughout the AFC North region and dislike the Global NFL. Here’s what the 2022 draft selection is all about. Over time, the Steelers will know “whether or not to go.” (Be careful with this. I know better than so-called experts …)

: 09—The Steelers, who finished 20th in the first round of the draft, took quarterback Kenny Pickett out of the University of Pittsburgh. Writer’s Note: Sure, he was a great fifth grader, but to whom? Weak ACC meetings and less than stellar Clemson Tiger teams — above average, but I don’t like Malik Willis or Willis’s escape talent that lasted up to the Tennessee Titans third round selection — NFL compliant, I do. I tell you, you really don’t know until the whistle blows. As the great philosopher of the 21st century said, “Everyone is planning until they are hit!” — Mike Tyson.

: 08—In the second round of the 52nd pick, the Steelers chose George Pickens from the talented Georgia Bulldogs National Championship team, which sent 15 record-breaking players to the NFL in this draft. The 6-foot, 3-inch, 200-pound wide receiver caught 90 passes in 24 games with 1,347 yards and 14 touchdowns.

: 07—In the third round, the Steelers addressed the “stop running” issue on the D-line by choosing DeMarvin Leal from Texas A & M. Lille finished his college career with 133 tackles. This includes 25 tackles, 13 sack, 2 forced fumbles and pass cuts. Human Mountains check in for rugged 6’4 inches and 300 lbs.

: 06—With a round 4 and # 138 overall pick, receiver Calvin Austinlll came out of Memphis. Austin played with the Tigers for four years, scoring 156 passes, 22 touchdowns, 323 return yards and two touchdowns at 2,541 yards. Writer’s Note: This second recipient chosen joins Dion Taj Johnson, Chase “Wake up and smell coffee” Claypool, Cody White. The big mistake of letting go of James Washington and the bigger mistake of keeping Ray Ray Macleod for a long time. And we can only expect the best from Juju Smith-Schuster. He was a good man during his tenure here.

: 05—In Round 6, Black & Gold’s # 208 pick was Connor Heyward, the tight end of Michigan State University. Yeah, yeah, nepotism, anything. Kam’s brother comes to prove and do more. 6 feet high, 230 pounds. 35 Reception … 326 yards … 2TD, I smell a special team.

: 04—In Round 7 Pick # 225, Ole Miss linebacker Mark Robinson ranked 11th on the SEC’s total tackle and 42nd on the solo tackle. He will be a plus on a special team with Connor Hayward.

: 03—And to finish it all off in Las Vegas, the Super Dynasty made a long-shot bet on South Dakota QB Chris Oradokun. Writer’s Note: The only thing I can say about this is that if he teams up and Mason Rudolph doesn’t, everyone is looking closely at their backs!

:02—For the conversation, my bet is until Mitch Trubisky is your starter and he melts or Pickett throws 6 TDs in the game. Yes, Mason Rudolph is on his way, but has $ 5 million and a salary with him. Little Johnny, don’t cry for him.

: 01—Penguins have been in the playoffs for 16 consecutive seasons and are currently the longest consecutive win in professional sports in the United States. This is Sid, Geno, Tanger’s last hurray, the Stanley Cup’s three titles, and another appearance in the finals. Regardless of what this playoff season brings, thank you for the incredible run and lots of great memories!

: 00-Game over.

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