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Aaron Donald, After the announcement of the new “Aaron Donald Football Performance Center” at the Pit practice facility on June 19, 2019. (Photo courtesy of Pitt Athletics)

Bill Neil, New Pittsburgh Courier

:Ten-Let’s get started … Good pitching always beats good hits. Let’s take a look at the pitchers of the entire Major League Baseball. 1) Jameson Taillon, Yankees-8-1, 3.19 ERA 2) Joe Musgrove, Padres-8-1, 2.12 ERA 3) Gerrit Cole, Yankees-6-2, 2.99 ERA 4) Tyler Anderson, Dodgers – 8-0, 3.00 ERA. Together, these pitchers are 30-4 and ERA is 2.81. And let’s throw in the Yankees relief pitcher Clay Holmes – with 12 saves and 0.52 ERA, breaking the legendary Mariano Rivera’s 29-inning no-scoring record. What is undoubtedly common to all these pitchers on the league’s All-Star team roster this year? Yes, all at once were Pittsburgh Pirates, exchanged for prospects. 30-4. ‘I can’t say it.

: 09—Has anyone noticed that your Pittsburgh Steelers have the best salary defense across the NFL? With the recent signings of Levi Wallace, Miles Jack and Larry Ogunjobi, along with Cameron Hayward, Minkah Fitzpatrick and TJ Watt, we expect to be even higher this year. The question is whether the chances for next season have improved significantly as all the money has been put into the defense of the Offense First League. The answer is yes. The attacks behind quarterback Mitch Trubisky, the much better O-line, and the second-year improvements of Pat Freiermuth and Najee Harris are tough and smooth. Expect a big season from everyone involved and don’t be surprised if Trubisky is competing for the AFC Offensive Player of the Year at the end of the season.

: 08—Speaking of Najee Harris, one sportscaster recently said that Najee is far from the league’s top five running backs and doesn’t expect it to happen after this season. Hey guys !!! Be careful – last year 1,200 yards was in a hurry behind the poor (at best) O-line, with 74 receptions 467 yards from the backfield, for a total of 1,667 yards and 10 touches. There is a down. Behind the better O-line this season, with a little less damage, Harris rushes over 1,300 yards to get a minimum of 15 TDs.

: 07—Aaron Donald, the proud of LA Rams, who won the Penn Hills High School, the University of Pittsburgh, and the Super Bowl, is no surprise to be the greatest defensive player in NFL history. This year’s three defensive players are Super Bowl MVPs and should be a universal threat to NFLQB and RB. That said, let’s put a brake on naming him the greatest defensive tackle ever. I’m an old school cat, so I remember how impossible it was to stop the Dallas Cowboys Joe Greene and Bob Lilly that day. Those men are the two greatest D-linemen in history. Limit. The end of the discussion. That said, in a slightly different world season, Aaron Donald may slip in front of Bob Lily. Not Joe. “Joe Greene is unstoppable and is the greatest defensive lineman of all time,” said Bill Belichick, who has football knowledge. Call me when you have won the Super Bowl 6 times as a head coach. Discuss D-Line. Until then, Joe has been number one forever.

: 06—Remember seeing the Box of Arnie Shavers and Larry Holmes, who won the heavyweight title at NBC on Friday or Saturday night in 1979? When I was a young teen, I remember going to a friend’s house. There, seven or eight boxing savvy people saw and cheered Arnie, who knocked down Larry Holmes in the seventh round, but eventually lost in the eleventh round because of TKO. Boxing was huge and the fights aired on TV were events to share with your best friends and siblings, so there were a lot of such nights back then. Man, I miss those events. Sorry, MMA isn’t the same, it doesn’t knock on MMA events and captures zeitgeists like Arnie Shaver vs Ron Lyle, or Muhammad Ali vs Ken Norton or Joe Bagner, two of the most difficult punchers in boxing history. Is not …

: 05—How much is really enough? Are you willing to sell your soul in addition to the millions you already have? Apparently due to top golf talents like Dustin Johnson, Brooks Koepka and Phil Mickelson, the price tag is $ 150- $ 200 million over five years. And hey, that’s a lot of money to play eight tournaments a year. I wasn’t one of the discounters in my hometown without such a sign – if Padres offered me much more than Bucks, I’m gone. But the caveat here is that Saudi Arabia’s dirty, bloody money is behind the new LIV tour. The crew, who killed journalist Adnan Khashoggi, boarded 15 of the 19 terrorists on a plane on September 11, funding al-Qaeda primarily for years. In addition to the tragic history of oppressive human rights abuses. Blowbacks in their US tournaments have already begun and I will not see many tournaments in the US in the future. But I hope you’ll never play on the PGA Tour, including those who wish good luck and majors.

: 04—The NBA has just held a draft and Duke’s Paolo Banchero has been named No. 1 overall in Orlando Magic. I have to say that he seems to be the only talent, as he saw Coach K’s last appearance at the Peterson Event Center a few months ago against Paolo against Pitt. # 2 chooses Chet Holmgren from Gonzaga by Oklahoma City Thunder, and # 3 chooses Jabari Smith from Auburn by Sacramento Kings. Apart from these three, it’s really a claps shoot for the rest of the year’s draft, but I know some will step up and become stars and some will be serviceable players, but the first Not as good as you would expect from a draft topic. I wish you good luck. Talk about you for the next few years.

: 03—As we all know, I am a hockey purist and very familiar with the history of the NHL and the current climate. (Yes, go with it). This season’s hockey playoffs, where Colorado Avalanche defeats two defending Stanley Cup champions Tampa Bay Lightning, is the best and most exciting playoff season to date, even with the defeat of the first round by the injured. Will be one. Penguins without a goalkeeper. Yeah, that’s all I got.

: 02—Returning to bad pitching pirates, he is losing 97 games this season. One night, they recently started auditioning for WWE with four players below .200 and another at .211, despite a ninth home run by pinch hitter Daniel Vogelbach. Fielded nine. The influx of young talent temporarily brought some excitement to the team, but that talent, Oneil Cruz, Jack Suwinski, and Brimadris were probably two years away from truly productive MLB players, and by that time Pirates. Will trade off Brian Reynolds, David Bednar, Roansy Contreras for prospects. And that goes on.

: 01—It’s summer! !! !! Go outside and cook. Go to summer movies instead of Jurassic World Dominion. That’s terrible. Go see a free concert at Heartwood Acres. Head downtown on Friday night, enjoy great food at one of the many great restaurants, then skip to PNC Park to see young men (and future Bucks) fight at one of the best baseball fields in the world. please look. As the sun dive behind the stone buildings and past the street corners that catch the bands playing in the cultural district, go to Heinz Hall, Benedam Center and O’Reilly Theater for theater and musicals. Every Friday night, I fall in love with someone of my favourites again in the city of 1,000 wonders. Enjoy the summer !!!

: 00-Over and out.

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