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Honolulu (KHON2) —For many, the imminent moratorium deadline marks the horrifying end of relief from payments during a pandemic, There is still help available.

In fact, those who borrow money will be willing to work with you.

Hawaii Meteorological Observatory – Access KHON’s Hurricane preparation page here.

The Utility Shutoff Moratorium will end on May 31st, but Hawaiian Electric has no plans to turn off the lights immediately.

HECO offers customers an 18-month payment plan, And customers are automatically enrolled in a 12-month payment plan without having to set up a payment plan by July.

“We are doing everything we can to stay connected with our customers, but in the meantime, a 12-month plan will be set up automatically and we will contact you and send it to you. We hope to be a request form from our website, “said HECO spokesman Shannon Tangonan.

HECO also wants customers to know that they are not yet at risk of being turned off.

“We want our customers to know that there is no imminent threat to disconnect. If you are an overdue customer, you may have a balance and have not paid for a while. Disconnect on June 1st. Will be done, “said Tangonan.

Water supply committee The water stoppage was extended until June 30th., The same day that the Federal Moratorium on Foreclosure expires.

The advice is the same for homeowners who own the lender. Get in touch and work on your payment plan.

“They want to work with the borrower rather than taking action because of lack of communication. Well, every lender wants the borrower to reach out. I’m saying the same thing, “said Rena Miyamoto, Secretary-General of the Hawaii Home Ownership Center.

The Hawaiian peasant eviction moratorium is scheduled to end on June 8th, allowing lessees to spend less time locally.

UH Manoa housing expert Phil Garboden says that 8-14% of rental housing households are still struggling to earn rent, but were recently given to the state to help with rent and utilities1 $ 666 million will help.

“Funding is increasing from the American Rescue Plan, so what we really need now is to move the logistics and operations of these programs to a place where they can actually be automated for the families in need. Get help, “Galboden said.

Honolulu City and County Rental and Utility Relief Program Currently suspended for 12,000 applications. It will resume on June 7th.

All other county support programs in Hawaii can be found here:

Hawaii County Emergency Rental Assistance Program

Kauai Rental and Utility Support Program

Maui Emergency Rental Support Program

Bills loom as moratorium deadlines near Source link Bills loom as moratorium deadlines near

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