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Biotech company developing products for a safer return to businesses, workspaces post pandemic – Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado Springs, Colorado 2021-05-28 13:09:59 –

In the lab, doctors are developing innovative treatments for people with cancer and extreme pain.

“Almost every possible cancer antigen has or can be rapidly developed with a fully human monoclonal antibody that targets it,” said Dr. Mike Royal, Chief Medical Officer, Sorrento Therapeutics. Says.

But in 2020, biotechnology company Sorrento Therapeutics also responded to the pandemic.

“In fact, we plan to build the largest product portfolio in the COVID-19 space within a year,” said Dr. Henry, CEO of Sorrento Therapeutics.

These products include products such as COVI-STIX, a rapid nasal swab antigen test, and COVI-DROPS, an intranasal neutralizing antibody product.

“That is, this is a way to treat outpatients who don’t want to be stabbed with a needle, and let it squirt through each nostril,” Dr. Royal explained.

How these products were developed is a story in itself.

“We are an antibody-centric company, and our antibodies come from a library of antibody sequences contained entirely in what we call G-MABs,” said Sorrento Therapeutics’ antiviral and immunotherapy. Dr. Robert Allen, Senior VP of Development, said. ..

To those walking by this library, it looks like there are several large freezers next to each other. All cool at -80 degrees. “This is the largest antibody library of its kind in the industry,” says Dr. Allen.

He explained that throughout life, he develops antibody responses to the environment and surroundings. To this end, 600 people donated blood to Sorrento. The company then isolated the antibody and now lives here as part of this frozen library.

“It’s now possible to identify antibodies that respond to infections, not just to identify antibodies to cancer immunotherapy, but using that same library,” Dr. Allen said.

This is how they were able to develop the latest products very quickly. Dr. Royal said that even if FDA-approved vaccines are on the market, they will be useful in business and at work.

“I think it’s difficult to require vaccinations, or to have a vaccination card or some kind of certificate, because there are always exceptions, even for private companies. The reason people don’t want to get vaccinated is because of their health. For religious or other types of reasons, “Dr. Royal said.

Dr. James Need, an infectious disease expert and director of infection prevention at the Aurora Medical Center, said, “It’s such a market, and you can understand why by just putting pressure on businesses to open safely. He said vaccination is still the most effective way to keep COVID-19 away.

“All future questions really depend heavily on vaccination rates,” he said. “The data are for people who have been fully vaccinated. Beyond that, it’s very challenging. We’re still a bit wild west.”

Not all businesses require employees to prove that they are vaccinated, so employees need to focus on what they can control.

“Each business depends on its tightness, the degree of ventilation, the size of the outdoor space, and what’s happening in the surrounding community,” Dr. Need said.

Sorrento products, on the other hand, have undergone the Food and Drug Administration approval process. They received FDA approval to begin Phase 1 trials of COVI-DROPS in March.

“With FDA approval somewhere in the world, you can actually get it with a prescription at CVS or a regular drugstore,” said Dr. Ji.

And they submitted COVI-STIX for an emergency use authorization in December.

“There’s a lot going on in the development process, but it takes time,” says Dr. Royal.

In addition to masks, temperature checks, vaccinations and other safety measures, Sorrento is working on adding a few more tools to the toolbox.

“Human society faces the greatest threat of a pandemic. Of course, if you are a pharmaceutical company, one day you can join the company to help society and save lives with drugs, vaccines, or detection systems. That’s our ultimate goal, “said Dr. Ji.

Biotech company developing products for a safer return to businesses, workspaces post pandemic Source link Biotech company developing products for a safer return to businesses, workspaces post pandemic

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