Birds agree with Rapinoe that recognition of “cute white girls” helps USWNT | Sports

Seattle Storm point guard Sue Bird and her girlfriend USWNT captain Megan Rapinoe have gained more public support for women’s football in the United States than women’s basketball, according to the demographics of their respective sports. I agreed with the statement that I am.

“We are female athletes playing at a high level, but our world is completely different from the world of soccer and basketball,” Bird told CNN Sports Don Liddell in an interview broadcast on Sunday. It was.

“Frankly, it’s a demographic of who is playing. Women’s soccer players are generally cute white girls, but WNBA players, we’re all in shape and size … many blacks, Gay, tall women … there’s probably a threatening factor, and people immediately judge and put it down, “Bird said.

In a Players’ Tribune work released prior to this month’s WNBA Finals, Rapinoe wrote that USWNT players are considered “straight, cute, and threat-free suburban white girls.” It’s not really who we are. WNT racial diversity is improving every year, though not yet where it is needed. And you know breaking news … I’m gay. But in general, it’s recognition. And that’s certainly the way we are marketed to many people. “

Bird disputed the idea that the WNBA needs to emulate how to market women’s football to the American people.

“The problem isn’t marketing itself,” Bird told CNN. “The problem is how society and the outside world are willing to accept the cute girl next door, but not accept, accept, or judge these tall, black, and gay basketball players.

“That’s where the problem lies for me. What I feel like I’ve learned through the process is that you have to be who you are. Who you are Must be or be true to being genuine.

“we [the WNBA] Represents all of us. We express every day the values ​​we want to promote in the world. And I feel that you can sleep at night and sleep well knowing that you are honest with yourself, and that is of utmost importance. “

Bird, who turned 40 this week, averaged 11.0 assists per game in the finals. This is surprising given that the playoff record for one game this week was 12, but the raw numbers are only part of the story. Storm fired 73% (33 to 45) shots from the series pass. This is in favor of Bird’s ability to put the ball in the best possible position for his teammates at the right time.

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