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Denver — Friday night, Jason Elam shared the story. Coach Mike Shanahan explained that he was dialed in that way, calling for play and yelling at the sideline kicker to loosen the extra points.

“And he was right. The touchdown continued,” Elam shook his head.

During half-time on Sunday, Shanahan participated in the Broncos Ring of Fame. This is an eternal stamp of 14 years of excellence and two Super Bowl titles.

It raised the question: Is there a shame in this franchise? The game on Sunday is nasty and disgusting in every way in context and is not credited at the time of the trash.

This match was a legal opportunity and, although it looked funny, it was an opportunity to secure a first draw in the AFC West area.

Denver cannot take it seriously until it defeats a good team. The Raiders took control of Denver in every way, taking control in the second quarter and leaving a tire mark on Broncos’ chest with a 34-24 victory.

In retrospect, Ravens is far superior to Denver. The Steelers fought urgently to avoid the first 0-3 start at home since 1986. On Sunday, Fangio and his staff were out-coached by an uncoached team, questioning the future of the boss after this season.

This kind of loss is undefendable.

Raiders boss Jon Gruden resigned Monday after racist, homosexual and misogynistic emails were revealed as part of an investigation into the toxic culture of the Washington football team. Apparently, Gruden was holding back the Raiders. They were released and motivated, opened 31-10 cushions in the third quarter, and tired fans began to leave for Mile High’s Emperor Field in the afternoon, perfect for postcards.

This was a game that Broncos had to have. This was a game that showed the ability to adapt, improve and prosper. Instead, this game is like all the emails I have unsubscribed in the last few years. bored. Predictable. Not required.

It’s hard to understand that the Raiders played more inspired under the special team coach Rich Visatcha than Broncos did for Fangio. Bisaccia has never led a team. He seemed more nervous than excited at this week’s meeting with the press. General manager Mike Mayok called him one of the greatest leaders ever.

Who was ready to discuss after Sunday?

The game ended mercilessly when Teddy Bridgewater threw a third pick and achieved a fourth turnover.

It started well. And it melted in front of me.

With two humble lines, no elasticity remains.

Broncos started with a burst, so it has been in short supply for a long time. When coach Mike Shanahan ran Broncos, he turned to kicker Jason Elam after calling for play and telling him to prepare for additional points. “And he was right,” Elam said. The fighting attack coordinator Pat Shurmur found the answer and mixed Melvin Gordon (4 carries at 23 yards) with the elusive Teddy Bridgewater (3 to 3, 44 yards). Bridgewater avoided two pressures with third and twelfth conversions and a 23-yard touchdown to Tim Patrick.

It was a counter punch.

The Raiders started with a 75-yard trek and crossed football like Subaru. Showing a balance with a dormant running attack, the Raiders set up a deep ball and Derekkar started a rainbow strike on Henry Lux III, 48 yards above Ronald Derby. This is the third long scoring pass that Broncos allowed to open the drive, joining the toss at Jacksonville (25 yards to Marvin Jones Jr.) and Pittsburgh (50 yards to Dion The Johnson).

To make matters worse, for the first time this year, Broncos granted points to the first two possessions. A product of the Classical Academy, Daniel Carlson has launched 50 yards to move the Raiders 10-7 ahead.

Broncos reacted desperately, finishing 4th and 2nd on the 37-yard line. Teddy Bridgewater passed the tight-end Eric Saubert and released his second passcut of the season. Broncos remained 8:10 with 4 downs, but misfired with 2 straights.

In the second half of the second quarter, when the Ring of Fame Broncos reached the 50-yard line for Mike Shanahan’s guidance, the defense dropped its communication, if not reputed.

Do you remember when this group represented the strength of the team? The warm glow of August was replaced by the heat of Fangio’s Bunsen burner. Broncos hired him for his defensive talent, and the mirror remains calm as the team spirals.

The Raiders ran 82 yards in 31 seconds, including a tight-end Darren Waller chunk at 10-7. The ending raised his eyebrows. With one linebacker Alexander Johnson on the field, Derek Carr found him and lofted a beautiful touchdown to Kenyan Drake on the wheel route.

Leading 17-7, the Raiders stepped into the pedals and cruised the tall lane to the end zone. Drake trots untouched from 18 yards as Las Vegas expanded to a 17-point advantage, leaving 11:27 in 3rd place.

Broncos has allowed Ravens and the Steriars to convert 14 of the 29 third downs. Broncos was a big hit in the pass game and couldn’t suffocate two of the Raiders and the worst rush teams in Las Vegas. Broncos allowed five pass plays of at least 30 yards. They were unable to protect the bridge water, its overall statistics were ruined by the turnover.

This is set as the correct game. Instead, Broncos was excluded from the discussion as a candidate until he was able to beat the team with a record of victory.

The Broncos linebacking crew currently lacks the top two starters. Alexander Johnson (chest) left in the third quarter. Josie Jewel lost during the season due to a pectoral muscle tear during a Jacksonville match. …

Broncos featured only one mild surprise on the inactive list: receiver David Brown. He became a victim when Broncos promoted speedy veteran John Brown. Other inactive: Brett Leipien, Jammer Johnson, Cam Fleming, Jammer Johnson, Aaron Patrick, McTerbin Agim. …

Sunday attendance: 75,104, 1,750 no shows. …

Garrett Borres was sent off in the fourth quarter with an apparent injury.

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