Black Lives Matter Leader Aisia Jones Announces City Council Candidacy in Ward 8 – Cleveland, Ohio

Cleveland, Ohio 2021-02-22 11:47:00 –

Aisia Jones, a local activist and organizer of Black Lives Matter, has announced her candidacy for the Cleveland City Council in District 8. It includes Collinwood.

In a statement submitted to the media, Jones said, “Cleveland continues to face serious problems in our cities, homes and communities, from education to health and public safety. Needs fresh leadership. Cleveland cannot tackle completely and effectively. These issues give Cleveland leaders complete transparency and openly tackle the process of Cleveland building a better city. It is not allowed by the city hall’s current leadership until it can. ”

Jones told the scene that she had signed Rebecca Maurer, a candidate for the 12th Ward City Council. Pledge of “Better Council, Better Cleveland”We call on current councilors and candidates to support a series of reforms designed to build trust and good governance in city halls.

For Jones, the mother of two, 30 years old, trust in elected leaders and trust in local law enforcement agencies are both important issues. She grew up in Cleveland and moved to Poughkeepsie, New York in 2000. When she returned to Cleveland’s 8th District in 2012, she said things had changed.

“I was really dissatisfied with what I saw in Cleveland when I came back,” she said, citing growing distrust between the community and police, especially in the aftermath of Tamir Rice’s murder. .. “It needs to be better. We need to go back to the local police.”

Jones has filed a petition with the Kaiyahoga County Election Commission and says he is walking down the street listening to the concerns of the inhabitants. She heard well-known and unobtrusive stories about the economic stress of the pandemic, the lack of meaningful employment opportunities, the dire situation of eastern streets and housing, and the isolation of District 8.

This is the first time Jones has run for the elected public office. She is not an experienced politician, but said she considers herself an agent and leader of change. For her, being a leader means listening to and responding to the inhabitants. Do not make a decision without their input.

“Currently, the city hall is making a decision and I can’t even say if we want it,” she said. “”[City Council has] Working with them, not just for them. ”

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Black Lives Matter Leader Aisia Jones Announces City Council Candidacy in Ward 8 Source link Black Lives Matter Leader Aisia Jones Announces City Council Candidacy in Ward 8

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