Black Lives Matter Shirts Worn by American Heritage Basketball Team – Miami, Florida

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The American Heritage School, which claims to be the number one private school in the United States based on the number of National Merit scholarship students, has two campuses in South Florida. One is on the plantation and the other is on Delray Beach.

Athletes on the two campuses think of each other as rivals. However, last week, the scheduled match was canceled at the last minute, so players from each school’s women’s basketball team could not participate. Some attribute this to the turmoil associated with the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the match on December 4, two players from the Heritage Delray team (freshman point guard Khadee Hession and junior forward Jordana Codio) wore Black Lives Matter shirts before the team played Benjamin School. Palm beach post.. The shirt was a reply to someone who signed in to the Heritage virtual class with the username “Blackssmell” last month.

Eric Schwartzreich, an American Heritage School attorney, states that the school was not authorized to discipline users because they were not attending Heritage.

“We don’t tolerate racism. If racism comes from one of our students, they will be immediately disciplined,” Schwarzreich says. New Times..

The Heritage Del Rey team and the Heritage Plantation team are rivals, but the female basketball players from both schools were scheduled to wear Black Lives Matter shirts before the match on December 10. But on the morning of the match, the school’s athletic director said he would stop. Game due to concerns about COVID-19.

Some players are an excuse to explain COVID and the school simply doesn’t want to showcase Black Lives Matter shirts.Brett Stadley, Head Coach of the Heritage Del Rey Team Said on twitter The women’s basketball program said, “There were no cases of COVID this season.”

And Danny Lopez, owner of the DSBG Basketball Workout, who trains players on the Heritage Delray team, said: New Times Team members practiced together in the days leading up to the game.

“I’m in touch with everyone. No one is infected with COVID,” Lopez claims.

The decision to cancel the game offended some students and parents who posted criticisms on social media. In response, Heritage Delray reiterated that the cancellation was due to COVID, not the shirt.

“The women’s basketball team was not interrupted or punished, not because they wore a BLM shirt, but because of concerns about COVID-19, and the match was not canceled,” the school commented on its Facebook page. ..

Asked for details, Schwarzreich said New Times The game was canceled due to an unspecified COVID issue that he could not disclose due to student confidentiality. He says it was decided to keep the school community safe, despite many rumors about the cancellation.

“We live in an unprecedented time,” says Schwarzreich. “For health reasons, we need to make a decision. [That’s] The only reason the game was canceled. “

He added that no student was suspended or expelled for supporting Black Lives Matter, and that Heritage considers these rumors slanderous.


A player at Heritage Del Rey claims that the game was canceled due to the Black Lives Matter shirt.

Photo by Danny Lopez

Private schools throughout South Florida have addressed the impact of Black Lives Matter’s protests and student calls to address racism in the classroom this past summer. One of those schools was Heritage Plantation. There, students wrote an open letter signed by hundreds of graduates, demanding that schools condemn systematic racism and strive to be more comprehensive. (According to American Heritage School promotional materials, only 10% of the students are black and the majority are white or Hispanic.)

Also, at the 2018 Heritage Plantation, senior basketball player Cyrus Nance at the time was banished after being cursed by Greg Farias, head coach of Varsity Girls Basketball. Former Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade, whose son Zaire and nephew Derbeon Morris attended the heritage, was punished when black Nance hired civil rights attorney Benjamin Crump and believed Nance was too harsh. Helped to disagree with.

In the latest example of racial discord, WNBA players defended heritage players in Black Lives Matter T-shirts. Seattle Storm forward, Breana Stewart, Washington Mystics Guard Natasha Cloud, and Indiana Fever Guard Erica Wheeler took them to Instagram to celebrate the girl’s courage and ask the administrations of both schools for clarification.

West Palm Beach Democrat Omari Hardy of Florida also issued a statement calling for both schools to address the team’s concerns about racism on campus.

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“American Heritage-Del Rey and American Heritage-Plantation Management need to listen to these young women and then address concerns about systematic racism raised by them and their families,” Hardy said. Said in a press release. “They should also stop what appears to be a threatening campaign and allow these young women to express their support for racial progress and reconciliation within the discourse of citizens.”

Stadley, head coach of the Heritage Del Rey team, tweeted in solidarity with the players that Black Lives Matter was “#notpolitical.”

On Tuesday night, the Heritage Delray Women’s Basketball Team played against the Miami Country Day School team. They warmed up with the Black Lives Matter shirt.

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Black Lives Matter Shirts Worn by American Heritage Basketball Team
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