BLACK STAR KIDS’s “JUNO” video is their expression “maximum level” – Hollywood Life

BLACKSTARKIDS, a band challenging your new favorite genre, dropped the first song from their next debut album, and they inspired how “JUNO” was creative “expression” and Greta Gerwig. Share what was done.

From the opening second of “JUNO” BLACK STAR KIDS Radiate Coolness Most bands will kill. In the new video, the Kansas City Trio—– Ty, Deiondre, When Babe Gabe – Just hang out, and in fact, that’s all you need to create a visual of the song about all the growing conflicts. “And I know, it just piles up from here / thoughts scare me (very scary) / I want to grow / but I’m scared to never heal,” sings Babegabe in her poem. ..

You might want to use “nostalgia” as an explanation, but BLACK STARKIDS is not a retro act. Inspired by 90’s alternative rock, early 2000’s pop, and modern hip-hop, the band produces a sound that fits in 10 years. For those who hear the band for the first time, “JUNO” is a perfect first impression, creating a sun-kissed summer bop that hits hard from the opening line (“Sometimes I feel better / Sometimes I feel better”. Feel destined / I really want to see your face / But I stay in my room “) Infectious chorus. “Who needs something else to be sad? / Are you crazy? / Are you stressed? / So I want to know if I can take you out / Maybe we are around You can dance with! / You can relieve the pressure! “


Some people may think that the song is a play in Jason Reitman-The band talks about the director’s movie of the same name Hollywood Life It was inspired by the flicks that ushered in another era. “‘JUNO’ was inspired by our lives and movies today. Lady BirdThey say HL.. “At the highest level, we can expect us to be us. A complete expression.”

BLACK STAR KIDS announces release with “JUNO” Puppies forever, Their debut studio album (Dirty Hit).It’s scheduled for fall and will arrive a year after they release them Anything, man The conclusion of their “black age trilogy” including both mixtapes and 2019 Let’s play sports, And the 2020s Surf.. “‘JUNO’ is an honest reflection of the feelings we had when making the album, so we wanted to lead it,” the band said in a press release accompanying the release of the video and album. “In the context of the album, it’s one of the more personal and reflective moments.”

With the introduction of BLACK STARKIDS in November, fans will be able to experience “personal and reflective” moments with the band.They take and participate in a national 26-day tour Christian leave With the support of Beabadoobee..click here For more information.

“JUNO” came out.click here Pre-save BLACK STARKIDS Puppies forever..

BLACK STAR KIDS’s “JUNO” video is their expression “maximum level” – Hollywood Life

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