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The partnership between the Blackstone LaunchPad and the three Atlanta University Center (AUC) schools offers students new opportunities for entrepreneurship.

Spellman, Morehouse, and Clark Atlanta University (CAU) will be the first HBCUs to join the Blackstone LaunchPad Network.

“At the Blackstone LaunchPad, we were considering the most influential areas,” said Amy Stursberg, Executive Director of the Blackstone Charitable Foundation.

Each school has an on-campus LaunchPad where students can network, workshop ideas, and learn business skills.

LaunchPad builds on each school’s existing infrastructure. CAU’s Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (CIED), Spellman Design and Innovation Lab, and Morehouse Innovation and Entrepreneurship Center (MIEC) work with students to pursue entrepreneurship.

MEIC Executive Secretary Dr. Tiffany Bussey said the Launch Pads at each school serve the interests of the Student Organization.

“We know that students are interested in sports, entertainment, music and venture capital, so they will be a focus of the Morehouse LaunchPad,” Bussey said.

However, if Spellman or CAU students are interested in sports or venture capital, they have full access to the Morehouse LaunchPad. AUC students can use the LaunchPad that best suits their needs.

George French, Chairman of CAU, said he was excited about the growth and mentorship opportunities that the partnership brings to the campus.

“These students have an entrepreneurial spirit and they want to build their own business,” said the French. “Blackstone LaunchPad brings mentors to campus. Our students don’t have to make the same mistakes that older entrepreneurs have made.”

Blackstone’s vast mentor network is already in place at other universities across the country.

“It’s the actual experience with the mentor that makes a big difference,” Bussey said.

In addition to expanding mentorship, Blackstone’s partnership provides an extensive list of corporate partners that AUC schools will have access to.

“We learned early on that we would work with the campus to expand and strengthen it to support what we’re already doing, rather than imposing our own programs on campus,” says Stursberg. Stated.

The French president added that through LaunchPad, student entrepreneurs can help launch businesses.

“Whether it’s a nonprofit, 501 (c) (3) or LLC. They’ll be deeper than just selling a product. They also show how to make and sell a product,” French said. Says.

Dr. Bussey is excited about this program to introduce young entrepreneurs from Morehouse, CAU and Spellman.

She said they were in contact with other HBCUs in the southeast who were interested in creating a similar program on their campus.

Blackstone LaunchPad and AUC to bring new opportunities for Entrepreneurial Development Source link Blackstone LaunchPad and AUC to bring new opportunities for Entrepreneurial Development

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