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Portland, Oregon 2021-10-20 18:28:18 –

Social welfare organizations propose a rotation team of mental health professionals

A shooting was reported in Portland’s Old Town early Tuesday morning. (KOIN)

KOIN, Oregon — A social welfare organization in Portland’s Old Town district said there was a solution to what cultural organizations described as a “rapidly deteriorating situation” in the neighborhood.

Blanchett House provides meals and temporary housing for people in need in the Old Town. Executive Director Scott Kerman said the situation is “desperate”, saying there is a humanitarian crisis now.

“What we see every day is sometimes scary,” he said. “People who do not meet their basic needs … There is increasing hostility that can be caused by mental illness and addiction.”

Letters sent this month from Lansoo Chinese Gardens, Oregon Japanese Heritage Museum, Oregon Jewish Museum and Holocaust Education Center, and Portland Chinatown Museum tell local leaders vandalism, crime, and mental instability in the area. ..

The managing director of Lansoo Chinese Garden said staff were threatened and drug use was banned on a regular basis. The garden recently hired armed guards for the first time in their history.

Kerman said he thinks he has a useful idea.

“We want to work with fellow agencies to get help from cities and counties to provide more support to people on the streets and sidewalks,” he said. “Old Town and Pearl District agencies share a team of mental health peer support specialists. The idea is that these teams will be assigned to different agencies when they need it most.”

Blanchett House is exploring additional security measures for themselves, he said, and the organization is currently working with city and county leaders.

“Things are terrible, there is no sugar coating at all, but I also feel a lot of energy and movement that leads to better results,” Carman said.

Blanchet House: Old Town situation ‘desperate’ Source link Blanchet House: Old Town situation ‘desperate’

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