Blaze EV Classic is a retro style neighborhood EV

The Blaze EV Classic was launched in Japan on Wednesday, offering a new mobility option for those who want a small electric runabout with the styling of a 1930s sports car. In fact, a car may not be the right word because single-seaters are so small that they can be registered as mopeds in Japan, avoiding the country’s infamous rigorous road resistance inspections and expensive vehicle taxes.

Despite its appearance, it’s not particularly fast. The maximum output is 4 horsepower and 21 lb-ft torque. Combined with a curb weight of 441 pounds, the EV Classic is the largest at about 31 mph. But when you’re running around Tokyo in rush hour with your hips just a few centimeters from the pavement, it probably feels fast enough. In addition, according to the website, it has “torque acceleration” that only EVs can offer (and now we have a new favorite adjective).

The EV Classic has no doors or windshields. Also, to protect you from Hino in the adjacent lane, there are only four outboard 17-inch tires wrapped around the wire spoke wheels. Anything bigger than the Honda Monkey makes this car smaller. It’s 92 inches long and 3.5 feet shorter than a mini car. It is 46 inches wide and occupies 70% of the width of the Smart ForTwo. Without a headrest, it would be shorter than a mountain bike.

Prior to this, Blaze was primarily a manufacturer of electric scooters and motorcycles. As such, the EV Classic can be charged with a standard (in Japan) 100 volt household outlet. According to Blaze, a full charge from scratch takes eight hours and costs about $ 1 for an additional charge. It’s definitely a city car with a range of only 31 miles.

Well, if you want your own blaze, you’re out of luck unless you live in Japan. If you do, it will return to about $ 8,500. It’s not cheap, but Blaze fully hopes the EV Classic will be the second or third car for most owners. There are four colors: silver, red, black, and olive green. You’ll probably buy it yourself, but it seems like it’s a lot of fun to rent a friend in the afternoon to fly around the city and collect bugs.

Blaze EV Classic is a retro style neighborhood EV

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