“Blockade Biden,” Trump says at a Georgia rally

President Trump called for his political opponents and his family to be imprisoned on Friday night, alluding to Biden without evidence of being a “criminal enterprise.”

“We will block Biden and block Hillary,” Trump said at a Make America Great Again rally in Macon, Georgia.

Mr. Trump himself had to dissolve his nonprofit after alleging that charitable funds were made for personal use, and the president’s finances are currently under investigation.

Mr. Trump stepped up attacks on Joe and Hunter Biden after Trump’s allies Probably published emails and photos from laptops It is said to have been abandoned by Hunter Biden, the son of a former Vice President suffering from drug addiction. Rudy Giuliani, the president’s private attorney, said his own attorney, Robert Costello, from the owner of a computer repair shop in Wilmington, Delaware, after Hunter Biden had been there for months. Said that he got.

The president swung the Florida-Georgia route on Friday, attacking Fort Myers, Florida, Ocala, Florida, and Macon, Georgia at two rallies and an official White House event that may have been a rally.

At a rally in Ocala, Florida, the president suggested that former President Barack Obama and Biden would not be president if they were not “poor” in their work.

“They called me they said they knew you, Obama is going to start the campaign,” he said. “I said it’s good or bad because I think it’s good, because he did a poor job and if they did a good job I wouldn’t be president of the United States. I wouldn’t have run. If I had run, I probably wouldn’t have won. That’s one of those things. They did a poor job, so I’m your president. “

Mr. Trump is trying to gain support among the elderly, a group that easily won in 2016. Seems to be losing to Biden.. Earlier this week, the president tweeted a “Biden for Residents” meme, showing that Biden was in a wheelchair with other seniors at a nursing home. Biden points out Trump among 20-seniors in a recent poll.

The president wrestled with older Americans in a coronavirus pandemic that killed more than 218,000 Americans and killed disproportionately affected older people. At a White House event on Friday in Fort Myers, Florida, Mr. Trump said he “knows well” that “54 million elderly people in the United States bear the heaviest burden of the Chinese virus.” It was.

“My message to American seniors today is one of optimism, confidence, and hope. Your sacrifice wasn’t in vain. The light at the end of the tunnel is nearby,” Trump said. I did.

Within three weeks of the finish line, the president is trying to rally bases rather than reach out to undecided voters on the fence. And he hasn’t done anything to change his tone to attract the suburban women he really needs.

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